Blackjack Casinos

Despite its simplicity, the game BlackJack online does not lose its popularity in the world. Simplicity and efficiency make blackjack a favorite online game for most gambling lovers.

If you have not played blackjack yet, it’s time to try yourself. All you need is an online casino with a black jack slot, your talent, excitement and a bit of luck.

Rules of the game and its variations

All varieties of blackjack have something in common:

  • to win, you must score more shackles than your counterpart (dealer), but not more than 21 points. If you have more than 21 on hand, then you have too much, and this automatically means losing;
  • the same dignity of cards (as a rule) – cards from 2 to 10 bring the nominal number of points (that is, “two” – two points, “three” – three and so on), the King, Queen and Jack – 10 points each, and An ace can “give” both 11 points and 1 point (depending on the number of points on the hands).

Otherwise, certain types of blackjack may have their own game nuances, differ in the number of decks, the presence or absence of insurance, and so on.

Most types of blackjack are based on the American or European version. In European blackjack, at the beginning of the game, the dealer receives one open card in his hand, and in the American version, the dealer also receives another card face down (i.e. blind).

In the line of games of one casino you can usually find all kinds of blackjack immediately. The essence and rules of the game do not change so much, but you should pay attention, first of all, to the number of decks and the size of payments. The deck can be up to eight or even one.

Some casinos have additional rules that may be useful to both the player and the dealer. For example, you can double the bet, but get only one additional card. This option is called Double. There are others, such as Split: dividing cards into two positions, if they are of the same denomination or dignity, Surrender: refuse to continue the game, but lose half the bet and Insurance: insurance against a possible “blackjack” at the dealer. You can take advantage by paying also half of the first bet. All these rules of blackjack should be carefully studied before the game.

The following types of blackjack can be found in online casinos: American, classic, switch, open blackjack, blackjack without busting, European single-deck blackjack, Spanish blackjack, two-deck or six-deck blackjack, Spanish blackjack, Caribbean 21, Pontoon blackjack and so on.

By and large, blackjack is a very simple game, so it can easily be mastered by any beginner, even one who has no experience visiting an online casino at all. This game gives the player a greater chance of winning than, say, the same slot machine and it is definitely worth playing.

To play blackjack for money, you can go to any online casino from your computer or smartphone. Playing on mobile has its own advantage – it allows you to play almost anywhere. It is enough to download and install blackjack, and you can play it even without a network connection.

Some useful tips

To play, choose only reliable and proven online casinos that have long been working in the gambling market and are respected by gamblers. Carefully study the rules of blackjack, especially if you are playing for the first time or try a new variation of it. It’s good to decide on a future strategy. For example, the simplest basic blackjack strategy already gives a small advantage to the player. In addition to the strategy, decisions in the game can be made based on statistical data, as well as approximately determining the number of remaining large cards in the deck.

Basic Blackjack Strategy

Blackjack is one of the few casino games where the player can determine his own fate. This attracts blackjack, since in this game, the player can win if he knows how to do it. So, over a long period of time, a huge number of strategies were invented, for one purpose only – to beat the casino.

One of the main things a player needs to know before sitting at a blackjack table is to know the basic strategy. This strategy is based on pure mathematics and has been tested using computer simulation. If a player follows this strategy correctly, the casino advantage is reduced to a minimum.

The basic strategy is usually given in the form of a table according to which the player looks at what he needs to do in a particular situation. In order to get the most out of the basic strategy, the player must use it correctly.

According to probability theory, a player can never win all hands using the basic blackjack strategy. From time to time, you will have to receive losses. For example, if you stop with 13 against 5 dealers, and in this situation suffer losses three times in a row, you can stop following this strategy. However, in the long run, likelihood will do its job: if you stop with 13, versus 5 dealers a thousand times, you will win more hands than you lose.

What is the best way to play BlackJack – online or offline?

Both options are worth a try. They are practically equivalent. It all depends on individual preferences and experience.

The charm of the atmosphere of a real casino, even the tactile sensations a player experiences while playing offline, cannot be compared with anything. Having tried it once, it is difficult to refuse subsequent batches. Unless, of course, there is an opportunity to play blackjack online.

Playing blackjack online is no less hazardous, moreover, this option is more comfortable and provides more opportunities. No need to go anywhere, wasting time, energy and nerves. By the time of arrival at the casino, as a rule, there is no longer that severity of excitement, sensations, adrenaline. Then you can play online at the most convenient time for you, comfortably sitting in your lovely native armchair or chair. Most online casinos allow the player to customize the gaming session for themselves or choose the most liked version from the many possible ones.

A big plus of online games is the opportunity to play blackjack for free, which real casinos cannot allow. Ideal conditions for a beginner to gain sufficient experience for serious bets. We strongly recommend that before betting big money practice well in demos, then start the game for money with small amounts. After some time, you will definitely feel the strength to play online blackjack “ seriously”, for relatively large amounts of money.

And the last one. You can increase the severity of your impressions by playing Live BackJack online with real-time dealers of offline casinos in real time!


Well, the time has come to slowly move from theory to practice. As you saw, there is nothing complicated in the blackjack game itself, the rules are simple to primitivism. It is only up to you, your experience, passion, determination and courage.

And luck, as you know, is a reward for courage! Dare, do not despair, if in the beginning you lose money – this is normal. On the contrary, if at the very beginning of your gaming career you are lucky – this is an occasion to think.

Having gained some experience, do not lose the usual household estimates. Lead not only logic and experience, but also with your heart. And then you will succeed.

Good luck!