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The bingo game is very well known all over the world, but was not really played here for a long time. Only since the game can be played on the Internet, a large number of players could try this game of chance for the first time properly. The internet remains the great place where you can play bingo online for real money at any time. At the same time, the online games have the advantage of greater variety, because in addition to the classic game variants with 75 or 90 balls, a number of other games have developed. Here are some advantages of online bingo at a glance:

In our Bingo online article, we go into these and more advantages and show you where you can play the game best. If you want to inform yourself about individual aspects, then use the following navigation to get to the respective section. We hope you enjoy reading and discovering new, exciting bingo variants, which you can play together with people from all over the world in multiplayer mode after logging in. If you feel like it, you can even use a chat to communicate with like-minded people. Another possibility is to compete with them in tournaments.


Who of you have already played bingo classic with a betting slip, at an event or with friends, the bingo online games will definitely like. You not only get exciting alternatives in the house, but can play when and where you want. Of course, you need a provider who is trustworthy. We have made a search and examined all candidates for seriousness, security, game offerings and a nice bonus for registration.

These providers have done everything right. You will find more exciting games at most of our top online bingo sites, which you can usually test for free and then try your luck with real money. Therefore, our tip: take a look at the whole range of games, because a little variety is good.


When it comes to bingo at the lottery retailer, it is clear that the state lottery companies are behind the offer. But how is it with online bingo games? Here it is important that you make sure that the providers have a state license. This is with the online casinos, which usually provide the bingo offer, from a European country. Malta and Gibraltar are widespread here. Both have a good reputation worldwide and tens of thousands of players trust their many years of experience. Playing in a casino with a license from a European gambling authority is tolerated in this country. All our recommended bingo providers, meet these criteria.


In the first section, we have already indicated that there are tangible advantages to prefer bingo online over the classic game. Not convinced? After this section, we think that we can welcome a new online bingo player. You may find it hard to believe, but even with a game that works so easily, the creativity of the game developers works. Before we go into too much detail now, it’s better to summarize the advantages of playing online bingo in a clear list:

  • Bingo free and play with bonus – online you have the opportunity to try out the different bingo games for free. If you then play with real money, you benefit from the large bonuses that the providers give you for registration. So winning is fun!
  • Network with other players worldwide in a community – Bingo is a game that has a great social aspect. You don’t have to do without it online either, you can even play and chat with players from all over the world!
  • Play around the clock, even on your mobile phone – the times when you had to wait a week to play bingo are over. Online you can do that around the clock. Who likes to play in between, a bingo app is perfect for a small game during the breaks!
  • Win Mega Jackpots and enjoy the variety of games – you can only become a millionaire by playing the lottery? Not at online bingo, here you will also find millions of jackpots. But money is not everything and so you benefit from the many variations such as 75,90,30,40 Bingo!

On each of these advantages, we will go into more detail in the next sections. You will find there again and again our recommendations of online bingo providers, which have highlighted themselves in the respective section. Since more and more websites offer the game, we update the recommendations regularly for you.


One of the biggest advantages of the online version is that you will receive a welcome bonus from the providers and there will always be exciting promotions and rewards in the future.

The bingo bonus is not available for free at the beginning, but you have to clear it first. The turnover requirement is important. It tells you how often you must use the bonus amount in the games. The games of the provider count differently to the turnover. Of course, our bingo recommendations count 100% towards the bonus conditions. This way you can quickly achieve the required turnover rate and the bonus is one of the best starting aids into your bingo real money future.


You want to play bingo online, but don’t know where and how yet? Then you’ll be interested in this section, because by clicking on the image to the right, you can start our exclusive free Bingo demo game. If you would like to get to know a provider better before you open an account, then they usually offer the opportunity to try out the games on the website for free. Even for this you usually do not need to register. So you can also safely test out whether online bingo is something for you. For those of you who already have experience with online gaming, it is a good option to study the finer points of the game mechanics before you bet your first real money. Even for someone who plays bingo just for fun, betting real money brings a whole different gaming experience. The excitement and thrill is immediate. Unlike lottery company bingo, you can play online for as little as a few cents and enjoy the extra hours of fun without spending more than you would at the lottery ticket office. Before we go any further, to take a closer look at the Bingo apps, we would like to introduce you to another interesting way to play bingo for free and even win real money: the no deposit bonus. If the other bonuses are usually a deposit bonus, the provider gives you a bonus just for signing up. A casino that offers such a bingo bonus without deposit can be found here:

This bonus is also subject to conditions. You can find the exact conditions on the provider page. Also, this type of bonus is not as och as the deposit bonuses, which sometimes reach four-digit values. But, when was the last time the owner of the lottery ticket office gave you 10 USD?


Our everyday life is becoming more and more mobile. What we have with us almost 24 hours a day is our mobile phone. So it is obvious to use it also for playing bingo. The nature is certainly happy about the digital paper. No matter if smartphone or tablet, both are perfect for bingo games, because the providers have reacted early to the trend of mobile gaming. So the websites automatically adapt to your devices when you call them up on your web browser. You don’t even need to download an extra bingo app for this. Here you will find the best online bingo providers for mobile and tablet games:

Our number 1 casino is one of the few online gaming establishments that offers both an app for iOS and one for Android. So if you want to play over there, for example because you have a slow internet connection or a low data volume, we strongly recommend to play bingo online there. Don’t be surprised that as an Android user you have to download the app from the Unibet site. Google’s Playstore does not currently allow apps with real money.


Tournaments give you two advantages. You can compete with players from all over the world and you have the chance to earn some nice extra money. You don’t find tournaments at every provider, but they are a nice change to the normal Bing game. A good tactic can be to pick out tournaments where there are not too many participants. Although the winnings there are usually lower than in the frequented tournaments, your chances of winning are higher. If you want to participate, you will usually have to register in advance. From time to time, however, there are internal comparisons that you will automatically be entered into if you place a real money bet. Click through our Top 10 Bingo Casinos and see what tournaments are currently waiting for you to win.


The bingo rules are explained relatively quickly. This is perhaps also one of the secrets of the popularity of the classic. Depending on the variant they vary slightly, but the basic principle remains the same. We’ve thought long and hard about how we can present them to you in the most graphic way, and ultimately we were guided by the principle “a picture says more than 1,000 words”. That’s why you can find the Bingo game rules and instructions in our Silde-Show:

The winner is the person who first shows a certain pattern on his bingo ticket. The goal is usually a line horizontally, vertically or diagonally (or columns and rows). Depending on the bingo rules, this can also be other patterns, relevant information on the winning conditions is always explained in the game instructions. We think that with the Bingo game instructions you now know how it works. Now that the rules are clear, it is time to introduce you to the game variations that exist in bingo. In addition to the classic ones with their different numbers of balls, you will find many exciting variations on the net. You’ll be surprised at what the game designers have come up with.


We start with the two classic variants, once the 75 ball and the 90 ball bingo. The former is often referred to as American Bingo, as it is the most popular in the USA, and the 90 ball variant as British Bingo, as it is the first choice of the bingo crazy Brits on the island. Over time, even more variations have emerged, which you can find here in a clear profile:


75 Ball Bingo GameThe 75 Ball Bingo is the most popular game in the United States. The special feature here: you have a joker field in the middle of the ticket, where you can choose the number freely, depending on how the game is played. This little change is a good idea and brings a certain spice and excitement.

The 90 ball game is the most common in Europe. Especially the British love it and therefore it is also called British Bingo. With the game they can spend hours in one of the bingo halls, even if the trend is that the British are also increasingly using online bingo and maintain their community through chat.

This variant is also known as speed bingo and is characterized by fast games. Thus, the chance to win is offered more often. Just who sees bingo not only as a social event, but wants to win real money, for whom this fast variant is worth considering, compared to the 75 or 90 ball, whose rounds last longer.

In addition to these variations, the bingo jackpot with its huge winnings is currently popular and Big Money Slingo Bonus, a representative of the bingo slots that combine both games. You can find these games at Lottoland. The Arena at Unibet even offers you a progressive Bigo Jackpot, which increases the more players play. You see, if you want a little variety, you will find it. Not only that, the minimum stake in online bingo is flexible, which brings us to the topic of the next section.


You like to play bingo for a living? There are two problems with the lottery companies: they only play once a week and you have to bet at least 3 USD. For that money you can buy 60 tickets for online bingo if you only play with a small stake. Sure, with such a low stake, the winnings are not that high, but you can choose online how much you want to bet.


Anyone who plays bingo online, according to our experience, wants to have fun, but of course also to win real money at bingo. Here it is important to take a look at the chances of winning. They are the most important marker of the extent to which a game is worthwhile in this context. It is quite normal that the winning amount decreases with an increasing probability of winning. We start with the bingo of the lottery companies in order to get an idea of the chances. There you will find individual winning classes.

In the online gambling world, the payout rate is also often referred to as the payout rate when it comes to evaluating the profitability of a game. You will often find the English term RTP, which is an abbreviation for Return to Player. A rate of 100% would mean that in the long run all stakes are paid out, which is of course utopian, otherwise all providers would go bankrupt. In the casino games you will find a lot of games to choose from, even games that offer a RTP far above 90%.

In the online gambling world, the payout rate is also often called the payout rate when it comes to evaluating the profitability of a game. You will often find the English term RTP, which is an abbreviation for Return to Player. A rate of 100% would mean that in the long run all stakes are paid out, which is of course utopian, otherwise all providers would go bankrupt. In the casino games you will find a lot of games to choose from, even games that offer a RTP far above 90%.


Even though we are a platform for online gaming, we like to play a few rounds offline with our friends. In addition to that, there is Poker, but also Bingo. The advantage is that you can play bingo with any number of players, perfect for the next party. What you need to play bingo? The game leader should definitely first know the bingo game rules and not have to ask “how does bingo”.

The Bingo Cards

Next, you’ll need the tickets. You don’t have to search long, here you will find a Bingo Card PDF download in the 75 version. Print them out as often as you want so that everyone of your players has enough of them available. A little tip for families: let your little ones paint and decorate the Bingo templates themselves.

Pens and markers

If you want to switch to the good old offline version, pens and markers should not be missing. You must be able to mark the fields clearly. If you play a lot and like to play, you can also get stamps to mark the fields. But always remember that everything must fulfill its function.

Winning balls or numbers

Here you have again two variants in the offer. If you play regularly, you can get a lottery drum as an accessory, where the balls are already included. If you only play from time to time, you can write the numbers on small pieces of paper and use a bowl as a lottery pot.

Prices & Winnings

He who plays, wants to win. This even applies among friends and family. So don’t forget to set winning conditions and prizes before the first person calls Bingo! The way the game is played and the prizes awarded has led to Bingo being used in charity events.


We have fished the most important questions out of the net for you as an aid and compared them with those that reach us from you. The result is the following FAQ list, where you can find the answers to your questions about bingo quickly and clearly.

How and where can you play bingo?
You can either play bingo at your lottery retailer or at an online provider. In the first case, the numbers are always drawn on Sundays. At Bingo Online you can play around the clock. But also regarding the payout rate there are big differences. Also, the state bingo is limited to certain states. Here you can find more about the advantages of online bingo

How do you play bingo, how can you win at bingo?
The game is quite simple. You buy tickets with a certain amount of numbers on them. Players can usually have several tickets at the same time. Then numbers are drawn until the first player has marked the rows of numbers of a full horizontal, vertical or diagonal line on their card. In the bingo halls, you then shout “Bingo!” loudly and the round goes to the player. If you are looking for a pictorial explanation, take a look at our slideshow of the bingo game.

How many numbers are there in bingo?
That depends on which bingo variant you play. Commonly used are the 75-ball and the 90-ball variant. The former is more common in the USA, the latter is popular in Europe. But there are also other exciting game variants that work with different numbers. Here you can find an overview of the bingo games. The fusion of bingo with a slot machine shows how creative developers are.

How long can you buy bingo tickets online, when is the closing date?
The closing date for bingo is Saturday at 7 p.m., the draw will take place the next day. If you want to play bingo online, you have the advantage of being able to bet online at any time of day or several times a day, depending on the variant. This gives you a lot more freedom and you are not bound to the strict times. A list of the best bingo online casinos can be found at the beginning of the article.

How much does a bingo ticket cost?
Here we have to distinguish again whether you want to play the state lottery or an online provider. In the acceptance office you pay 3 USD for a ticket, plus 60 cents processing fee. At online bingo the ticket is cheaper, you can already play from 1 cent and whoever wins a lot, bets higher amounts than in the lottery and with a little luck will win huge prizes.

Who invented bingo?
In 1929, the American Edwin Lowe gave the game Bingo its name. To do so, he varied a game of Spanish immigrants. In the beginning, it wasn’t called Bingo at all, but the name came from the fact that a winner in the heat of battle shouted “Bingo” instead of the similar-sounding expression Lowe had derived from observations among the Spanish. Nowadays you can even play bingo with your mobile phone.