BIG and Singularity will play on April 16 at 11:20 (UTC), we offer our free prediction option. The Danish team loses three times in a row. Can the Scandinavians get better?


BIG is in 15th place in the HLTV ranking. The team looks great lately. Over the past five games, the organization has dealt with rivals such as Syman (1:0), SMASH (2:0), (2:0), Sprout (2:0) and Spirit. At the peak of the opponent, the Germans acted excellently, but they played terribly on their own and lost – (10:16), but on Mirage they were able to break the opponent with a score (16:4).

The German team loves to pat their fans. In the battle against, Berlin International Gaming was inferior with a catastrophic score of (6:13), but at some point BIG revived and eventually made a comeback. Still, the individual skill of the team is very decent at the moment. Then XANTARES and teammates confidently removed Sprout compatriots from the battlefield, and in an extreme meeting they were opposed by Spirit. Spirits were able to compete, although as a result they lost – (1:2).


Singularity is on the 79th line in the world ranking. In recent matches, the team can not grab the win. The matches against Mustang Crew and BLUEJAYS ended for the Danish team win, though you could already notice the problems, for example, the Scandinavians always gave their peak to the opponent and couldn’t play calmly.

The Danes lost the last match against Endpoint with a score (0:2).

The Danish team once already crossed paths with Berlin International Gaming as part of ESEA MDL Season 33 on map nuke. The battle was held in the Bo1 format, and Singularity almost beat the German team. The team was defeated in the end – (13:16), but the Danish five deserved the most flattering words – they fought to the last on equal terms, losing in the very end. The fight will be held again in bo1 and this is a good opportunity for the Scandinavians to revenge.

Betting Statistics

  • BIG won the last game in person
  • Singularity loses three times in a row
  • BIG don’t lose for last five matches

BIG vs Singularity Prediction

The match will be held in Best of 1, which will give an intense game, because there will no longer be a chance to recoup. The German team will be able to defeat their rival. The team won the last match without any problems, and now the eSportsmen are in great shape.

On all maps, BIG have tremendous superiority over their opponents. It is very likely that the German guys will win, because they have a more serious composition, experienced participants and an excellent team game. Our leading eSports observers are waiting for a fight in this meeting and offer to bet on total maps over.

  • Our prediction: BIG win and Total Over 2.5 maps

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