On March 21 we will watch a fight between BIG and Complexity in terms of the eleventh European season of the ESL Pro League. Who is the favorite of the match? – Check our prediction.

BIG form

The team, which was considered to be an underdog , unexpectedly confidently started on the ESL. On March 17, they beat Fnatic with a score 2-1 . And on March 19, a real achievement was accomplished – the best team in the world at the moment Natus Vincere flew lost with a score of 0:2. How did this happen? On the Nuke map, the German team won confidently 7:16. And on the second Dust, our today’s heroes had to comeback from the score 13: 5. As a result, it came to overtime, where BIG gained a victory, despite the heroic attempts of Kostylev. Almost none of the German team that day played individually, only k1to had negative statistics.

Complexity form

For the 17th team of the world, not everything was OK at the start of the group stage. In the first round, the five lost to forZe 1:2. And on March 19, they confronted the Swedes from fnatic – a defeat with a score of 0:2. First, Mirage 16:9 was given, and then Dust 2 with a score 6:16. Despite the well-equipped roster, Complexity lost to the opponent in shooting. Only the Danish k0nfig managed to get into a positive rating. And the young talent oBo completed the confrontation with a result of 0.55 and average ADR. The team does not play Overpass, but they will not be allowed to choose their strongest Train map.

BIG vs Complexity Prediction

There will be two approximately equal teams that started differently in the tournament. Both teams have both strong and weak maps. Then, we recommend you not to bet on the winner on the match and look at total bets. We predict that total of the maps will be over 2.5.

BIG vs Complexity live stream