For decades, those of us who were thinking about entering a NFL pick’em competition would either have to be physically in Las Vegas to input or employ a proxy on and the behalf with an entrance fee.
We live in a day and age where come for you. At the click of a few buttons, either a??car service displays up outside your home or function, the brand new football jersey is??in your doorstep within 48 hours or whenever you simply can’t exist an additional minute without some hot pockets,??*BOOM* same-day food shipping.
In that exact identical breath, there’s a new on-demand 2019 NFL select Celtics contest which comes right for you.
BetOnline provides direct??its $250,000 NFL Super Select Celtics Contest. It’s open to everybody online and only charges $250 to input.
Who’s BetOnline
What: 2019 NFL Super Competition
After: Week 1 through Week 17 of this 2019 NFL season
Why: The winner of BetOnline’s Mega Contest will win at the $ prize
How: Properly select five??NFL games against the spread every week of the NFL season
The aim of this competition is to correctly pick five (5) games from the spread, each week of the regular season. You will earn one point for every correct pick with no more than a maximum of 85 points for the season and five points each week.
Once posted, the chances will not change and a 0.5-point disperse is going to be utilised in most instances to prevent pushes. Once your selections are entered, then you can go back and edit them if conditions change.
Every week the competition reopens on Wednesday afternoons. You are able to select any of this week’s contests, including the featured matchup of Thursday night. In the event you forget to select and the Thursday night and early Sunday kickoffs come off the board, you’re still permitted to pick the five best bets out of the slate of Sunday night, late Sunday afternoon and Monday night games.
Be aware: there are no ties. Money is going to be divided equally if contest entrants finish using exactly the identical point total at the end of season. For instance: when the two scores finish with 80 points, then the initial – and second-prize moneys will be divided. Thus, $150,000 / two winners means those two entrants each will win $75,000.
Head to BetOnline’s??contest home page BetOnline, then make an account, locate the NFL Mega Contest??on the contest??home page and then click”Buy Entry.”?? It is that simple! The deadline to enter is this Sunday, September 8.

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