Best Tennis Betting Sites in 2020

What is the most popular sport besides football? Of course, it’s tennis. This is unlikely to deny any bettor from Europe or America. Predictions, betting odds and other information that will help you make bets on tennis have been analyzed by our experts. As a result, we have prepared several recommendations for beginners. With our help, it will be possible to choose tennis betting sites. If you prefer live bets, you can believe the following:

  • The ability to receive up-to-date information on how tournaments finishing
  • Customer service response time
  • Visit tennis betting site using mobile devices
  • Payment security, which guarantees almost all sportsbooks.

List of Best Tennis Sportsbooks

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Best Tennis Bookmakers: How to Make Money?

Do you like to watch tennis matches and follow the results? You could earn extra money! If you already know the rules of the most popular game and well versed in tournaments, the most difficult thing for you is already in the past. All you need is additional knowledge about the specifics of tennis betting sites. For different bookmakers, it’s may vary. So that you can start betting, choose one of the tournaments. Almost every gambling house offers bonuses and free bets. If you use this, you can do the following:

  • Сreate betting strategies without losing money
  • Increase profits, which is achieved mainly by an experienced bettor
  • Try more options (tournaments, matches, odds).

Best Sports Betting Sites

Tennis betting is very promising, especially for those who love this sport and understand the specifics well. To earn money, you can choose one of several places. The most suitable options for online betting are,,, These are bookmakers, which, like William hill, have known as a reliable gambling houses. Those who prefer Betway, Leovegas, Bovada will not also be disappointed. However, when it comes to live bets, the offer may not be so wide. This should be considered by everyone who is looking for a good betting site.

Why is it Worth Online Tennis Betting?

Tennis is a sport that bettors all over the world love. The reason for this is simple — during the WTA or ATP matches you can see far fewer people on the court than for other popular sports such as soccer, volleyball, basketball, handball and hockey. Big tournaments often consist only of one-on-one matches. It\s makes betting more predictable. In addition, in tennis it is impossible to finish the match in a draw. These features mean that there are simply fewer variables that can affect the result for WTA or ATP. 

Tennis fans often choose online sports betting sites. This is an opportunity to earn money without leaving home. You can choose the French open or any other option. Even for the Australian open, statistics and online broadcasts will be available. People who have not missed a single match are unlikely to deny the following:

  • Making online bets is much more comfortable
  • Information availability affects bet feature
  • Those who choose online sports betting sites do not have to worry about being robbed on their way to the gambling house.

WTA and ATP Tennis Odds

Of course, for most sports, including tennis, in live bets the same rules apply as in the basic versions. The difference is that the WTA or ATP odds can change literally every second. Corrections are based on what is happening right now on the field. If you prefer live bets, you can pick the following option: the winner of the match, the final result, the handicap, the amount of games in the current set, whether the player will win at least one set, whether there will be a time-break in a specific match. This will affect the result of betting.

For each tournament you must have a different strategy. This is because the French open is very specific, like other matches. If you want to bet on live tennis, you can be sure that the bookmaker will help you keep track of what is happening on the field. However, live broadcasts are not available for every site. You should carefully read sportsbook terms. This will avoid disappointment. 

Is it Possible to Make Bets More Profitable?

Most betting enthusiasts are not limited the betting choice. This is due to the large offer of bookmakers. But how do you know what odds to bet on? You can find useful information on blogs and on the official websites of sports clubs. Tennis tips are often used by experienced bettors to find great bets. 

However, you must remember the following rule: the higher the odds, the greater the potential gain, but also the greater the risk. If the odds for the favorite is 1.15, this means a really low risk. However, the rate will not be as profitable as we would like. Therefore, many people prefer the risk in betting. Sometimes this is a completely justified decision.

Should I Bet on Tennis?

Point Spread, Futures, Score, Live Betting — which option is the most profitable?

After reading the expert advice, you will probably know the answer! Tennis betting can be a very pleasant experience, which is associated with making money. You have to play with legitimate bookmakers and spend your money responsibly. If you adhere to these rules, will have more prospects in sports betting. However, this is not enough. You must choose the right types of bet.

There are several things to consider before focus in tennis. Of course, the most important factor is the motivation of players. By checking the latest statistics and the results of matches, you will be in the know. After you have gained the necessary experience, you can choose one of the following bet options:

  1. Win. Since there are no draws in tennis, two outcomes are possible: 1 — the first tennis player will become the winner, 2 — the second will win. To predict the outcome of all matches, you must have a minimal understanding of the sport.
  2. Handicap. Tennis is one of the most popular sports for real-time betting. As in other sports, handicap bets are among the most popular option for tennis. In order to get money, sportsbooks offers to bet on the unpredictability of the match. In this case, you take risks, but you can make a good profit.
  3. Exact result bet. You must choose the right number of points for player. Betting on the result of the tournament is the simplest. You also must indicate the number of sets for each player. Experienced bettors can also bet on the result of a particular set, which is much more difficult to predict. 
  4. Totals. In football, total is the number of goals, in basketball, the number of points, and in tennis, the number of sets. You can choose two options for moneyline bets: more/less.

Payment Methods: Which Option to Choose?

Tennis betting is much more promising, as evidenced by the large number of successful players in this category. If you understand all the nuances and subtleties, you can make good money. To receive cache bookmakers customers will need to choose payment methods. This is usually one of the following options: Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Neteller, Skrill. Most betting enthusiasts prefer e-wallets. However, if you do not want to register again, it is better to use a bank card. In this case, your betting profit should be legal.