Benoit Paire held his first match on 6 February after the Australian Open. He met with Roberto Marcora. Paire confidently began the season. He not only scored points and returned to the top 20, but also again demonstrated that he is able to compete at the highest level. Will the Frenchman finally be able to perform stably at a distance?

Who will win the upcoming game? – Read in our prediction.

At what time will Benoit and Marcora play?
The game time is February 6, 2020, 12:40 AM (UK time)

What are the players’ positions in ATP rankings?
Benoit Paire is the 19th of the ATP Tour Ranking and Roberto Marcora takes the 174th position.

How many wins does Benoit Paire have?
Benoit Paire has won 70% of his games.

How many wins does Roberto Marcora have?
Roberto Marcora has won 57% of his games.

Benoit Paire

For Paire, the start of the season was less or less successful. The Frenchman won two timess in three matches at the ATP Cup, managed to reach the finals at the tournament in Auckland. The only negative for Paire was his performance at the Australian Open, where he managed to overcome only the opening round of the competition.

In Melbourne, Benoit defeated Stebe in the first round (6-4, 3-6, 6-3, 6-7, 7-0), but then lost to Cilic in a five-set match, whose fate was decided in a tie-break (2-6, 7-6, 6-3, 1-6, 6-7).

Paire has everything in his arsenal to easily to be in top 10. But first he needs to learn to control himself. After all, a tennis player is able not only to act aggressively on the court, but also the second number, taking out difficult balls, as well as knocking down the opponents pace and rhythm. Benoit boasts a cannon feed and on the first ball scores light points. On a regular basis, the Frenchman runs out to the net and often does it successfully, because he is able to handle even the most difficult backache in the legs.

Roberto Marcora

Surprisingly, it is a fact – Marcora, being a profile primer, demonstrates good results on hard in the current season. The Italian has seven wins in ten matches played on this surface.

In Pune, Marcora started with a qualification, where he first defeated his compatriot Baldi (6-3, 6-2) in two games, and then also defeated Rola in two sets (6-4, 7-6). In the first round of the competition, the Italian managed Rosol (6-3, 6-2).

Marcora is one of those tennis players who spent their entire careers on the Futures, and then at a later age they suddenly began to add. Roberto is currently in the top 200, but he is extremely unstable and with constant changes. There is nothing strange for him to first go out and close an obvious favorite, and then the next day give way to an outsider. What the Italian managed to add is in the game hard, where he used to lose to everyone in a row.

Statistics and personal meetings

  • Tennis players held two meetings between themselves, the score is 1-1.
  • In the last five games, tennis players won three victories.
  • Paire beat Marcora on hard in 2015.
  • It is worth highlighting that Paire won his match on hard, and Marcora on the ground. Both meetings were held without any struggle.

Paire vs Marcora Prediction

Marcora, although it is a profile primer, demonstrates good tennis on hard. In Pune, the Italian qualified and overcame the starting circle, so that he already managed to get to know the local courts pretty well. Therefore, we expect that Marcora will be able to give battle to the more eminent Paire, whom, by the way, he has already beaten.

There is no intrigue in the upcoming match, because everything will depend solely on Paire. If he can tune in to the tournament and play at his own level, then the Frenchman is able to completely sway at the title. Therefore, Benoit Paire with a rout will close Marcora.

  • Our Prediction: Benoit Paire will win

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