Fight Ed Ruth – Yaroslav Amosov will take place at the Bellator 239 tournament. The main event of the current tournament, a pretty decent opponent, was chosen by a Ukrainian soldier. We expect a good fight, which will not make observers bored.

Ruth – Amosov date of battle: February 22. Venue: Tuckerville, Oklahoma. Weight category: Welterweight.

At what time Ed Ruth vs Yaroslav Amosov fight?
The fight time is February 22, 2020, at 09:00 PM ET.

Where to watch the fight?
Will be shown ESPN+, ESPN, and PPV

How many wins and losses Ed Ruth have?
Ed Ruth has 29 wins and 12 loss.

How many wins and losses Yaroslav Amosov have?
Yaroslav Amosov has 23 wins and 10 loss.

The prediction of Ruth – Amosov, the American has an advantage in anthropometry. Ruth is 5 cm higher, and his arm span is 10 cm larger. Ruth is a basic freestyle wrestler, as well as the owner of a purple belt in jujitsu. The style of Yaroslav Amosov is combat sambo, he is also strong in the fight, is distinguished by high-quality takedowns and control.

In addition to the fight, Ed Ruth also knows how to fight perfectly in the stance. This guy is constantly evolving and showing significant progress. At the moment, his standing skills are very good. Ruth has a heavy blow that can shock the opponent, or knock out. Yes, and statistical indicators fully confirm these beliefs (8 wins, 6 by knockout).

Yaroslav is also considered a universal, but he relies more on his basic style, which involves working on the ground. Here, Amosov is capable of both inflicting great damage to opponents with numerous blows, and submission them. He really has very good control, if he translates, then, as a rule, getting up is very difficult.

Ed Ruth

American is 29 years old. He is a representative of wrestlers. Starting in 2016, he transferred to MMA. And it is immediately signed by the promoters of Bellator. During this time, he spent 9 fights and lost in only one. He succumbed to another Prospect Neiman Gracie. In extreme fights, Kiichi Kunimoto won ahead of schedule and Jason Jackson’s decision. Record: 8 wins, 6 by knockout, 2 decision, 1 defeat.

Yaroslav Amosov

Ukrainian fighter is 26 years old. Its base is combat sambo, in which Yaroslav received many victories and titles. Since 2012, he has been performing at MMA. In 2018, Amosov was signed to Bellator, where he has already held three fights and won confident fights in all. In recent battles, Yaroslav has passed such difficult fighters as Erick Silva and David Rickels. Track record: 22 wins, 10 submissions, 8 knockouts, 4 decisions, no defeats.

Ed Ruth vs Yaroslav Amosov Prediction for the fight

The advantage of anthropometry is on the American side. He is 5 cm higher, and his arm span is 10 cm larger. Yaroslav is three years younger, but he is much more experienced. In Bellator, he had fewer fights than Ruth. But his opposition was higher. And in general, in MMA, Yaroslav already has 22 fights, while Ed has only 9.

In addition, the Ukrainian still retains the status of an unbeaten fighter. He very confidently rises in the ratings of the organization and wins without a doubt.

Despite the fact that Ruth is a fighter at the base, for the Ukrainian, he is dangerous in the stance. The American has long leverage, he has a good hit, he changes stances. In general, his boxing is not bad. But he misses too much. Especially on counterattacks.

Amosov’s clear advantage in the fight. He conducts takedowns more and better. In the stalls, he is dangerous not only tricks. But also by the fact that he actively exercises control. Getting out from under it is very difficult. Yaroslav constantly strikes.

If we compare the recent performances of the fighters, then Amosov was much preferable. He dominated the duel with Rickels. While Ed Ruth defeated Jackson extremely controversially.