In the framework of the qualifying match of the Federation Cup on February 7, Bencic and Bouchard will play among themselves. Is Eugenie ready to force a fight on her rival? – read in our prediction

Belinda Bencic

Bencic returned to the top 10 and again performs at the highest level. Here are just a Swiss repeating the same mistakes. After all, Belinda acts extremely unstable and with constant changes

Swiss team leader Belinda Bencic will try to help her team enter the group stage of the Federation Cup. She annually plays for the national team. Last year, the Swiss player won two of her matches against the Italians Georgie and Errani.

By the start of the January segment of the 2020 season, not everything worked out for Belinda. She has not won more than two matches in any of the tournaments. And in the lost matches, she frankly failed, losing 3–6, 1–6 Collins in Adelaide and 0–6, 1–6 Contaveit in the third round of the Australian Open with a score.

Bencic shows good career results in the halls, has 48 wins and 22 losses.

Eugenie Bouchard

Bouchard completely dropped to the level of ITF tournaments, where without a chance he loses to rivals at the top 500 level.

The Canadian team in the upcoming match of the Federation Cup will not play injured Andreescu. Eugenie Bouchard gets a chance to show her best side. Last played for the national team in 2018. Then, two of her matches against Ukrainian Lesia Tsurenko and Katerina Bondarenko, the representative of Canada won.

At the first tournament of the season in Auckland, Bouchard performed well, went two rounds, beating Flipkens (7-5, 7-5) and Garcia (6-4, 6-4). At the Australian Open, she could not overcome the qualification, losing in the decisive match to Trevisan (4-6, 3-6).

It is difficult to say anything positive about Bouchard’s career in recent years. If she does not change the approach to training, then it will continue to perform at budget tournaments.

Betting Tips Statistics

  • In the only fully played match between the tennis players, Bencic won
  • In the 2020 season, Bencic held seven matches in which she won four victories
  • In 2020, Bouchard won four of the seven games played
  • If Bencic added during this time, then Bouchard regresses to this day


Bookmakers in the upcoming match give a clear advantage to Belinda Bencic. Meanwhile, a tennis player is not very stable at the start of the season. Bouchard also does not differ in stability, but glimpses in the game are visible. Also, the tennis player has another chance to prove herself for the national team. It is hard to believe that Bouchard can impose a struggle. After all, she is depressed, not self-confident, and then she will have to confront not only her rival, but also Swiss fans.

  • Our prediction – Belinda Bencic will win

Bet and win

At what time does the Belinda Bencic vs Eugenie Bouchard play?
The game time is Febuary 07, 2020, at 15:30 (GMT+1).

What are player’s positions in WTA rankings?
Belinda Bencic takes the 5th positions and Eugenie Bouchard takes the 267th position in WTA Tour Rankings.

How many wins and losses does the Belinda Bencic have?
Belinda Bencic has won 64% of games as a favorite.

How many wins and losses does the Eugenie Bouchard have?
Eugenie Bouchard has won 62% of the games as a favorite.