Belinda Bencic will come to the court with the numerous support of fans, which can help to play better in the match, where Anette Contaveit is the opponent. According to the calendar of this tournament, the game will take place on January 25th. Belinda Bencic is not playing in the best way against this opponent, because with two victories there were already seven defeats, and three of them were in recent meetings.

At what time does the Belinda Bencic vs Anett Kontaveit play?
The game time is January 25, 2020, at 12:15 AM AEDT.

What are player’s positions in WTA rankings?
Belinda Bencic takes the 7th positions and Anett Kontaveit takes the 31st position in WTA Tour Rankings.

How many wins and losses do the Belinda Bencic have?
Belinda Bencic has won 56% of games as a favorite.

How many wins and losses do the Anett Kontaveit have?
Anett Kontaveit has won 57% of games as a favorite.

Bet and win

Belinda Bencic

Belinda Bencic, despite the high place in the world tennis ranking, is not among the favorites at this tournament, since last year there was a flight at an early stage. But, after a year, Belinda Bencic can demonstrate her experience and ability to read the game, so this time the results will definitely not be so deplorable. Now Belinda Bencic is among the talented representatives of tennis since progress is visible on the face, so now no one is surprised at the exits to the semi-finals and final matches.

Yes, Belinda Bencic does not yet have the titles, but this only proves that the 21st racket of the world is hungry for trophies and will demonstrate maximum motivation in every game. In addition, this tournament is held on clay courts, and more than twenty matches have already been played on clay this season, so Belinda Bencic will be able to feel confident about this coverage and will try to take advantage of her tactical advantages.

Anett Kontaveit

Anett Kontaveit performs regularly at this tournament, and moreover, there has never been such a thing as to fail to get to at least the quarter-finals. For six years, they managed to win two victories, so that Anett Kontaveit is again among the main favorites and will try to meet the expectations of fans. The latter is especially important, as the tournament is at home, and Anett Kontaveit feels a huge responsibility.

Six games were played at the beginning of the season, of which four were won. Two defeats were quite expected, since there were clearly more powerful opponents who, as a result, became the winners of those tournaments. Ground courts are specialized, and this season Anett Kontaveit will not adapt to them since three fights took place just on this surface. Anett Kontaveit often uses defensive tactics, betting on high-quality ball reception and sharpening the game on the second serve.

Statistics and personal meetings

  • Bencic has won four of the last five matches. You can bet that the Swiss will win this time for 1.72.
  • Kontaveit gained three victories in five meetings. You can play her success in the upcoming match for 2.13.
  • Last season, in a single match between tennis players, Kontaveit withdrew from the game.

Belinda Bencic vs Anett Kontaveit Prediction

The further along the net tennis players advance, the more dangerous the rivals become and the more difficult it is to beat them. Bencic has not yet experienced difficulties with Shmidlova, Ostapenko, in two sets she beat her rivals, playing more reliably at the reception, at her serve, the Swiss tried to play cleanly, allowing a minimum of unforced errors. So far, Belinda does not show her maximum, she is capable of more. In a recent interview, the Swiss spoke about inconvenient weather conditions, and that they naturally interfere, but Belinda continues to search for her game, all the time to look for solutions on the court, not to hit anywhere with all her might, but to think and analyze the situation.

Last season, Kontaveit was withdrawn from tournaments several times, she had health problems. In Australia, Anette played for the first time after the US Open, in the course she was inferior to Pavlyuchenkova, Bertens, and at AO Estonian easily closed Sharma, but she experienced difficulties in the match with Sorribes-Tormo. Anette played in an attacking style, constantly stepping up the pace, owned the initiative, but she made a lot of mistakes, which is why she gave one set to her opponent.

In the upcoming match, Bencic has a slightly better chance of winning, firstly, she added and entered the top 10 last year, secondly, she acts more steadily on her pitch, and also better copes with rallies on the backline. Kontaveit has so far few practice games, because of her mistakes she gives easy points to her rivals, and Bencic should use this and go to the next round.

Our prediction Belinda Bencic will win.