In the last for Charles Leclerc.

This was a much-deserved first F1 victory for your child and a faultless weekend performance – from his amazing 0.7s edge in qualifying, into the 44 laps of the race in which he built a lead, then kept his composure after the Mercedes came charging.
What made this debut win all the more astounding was that Leclerc missing a friend in Anthoine Hubert on Saturday, together using the Ferrari driver declaring that he had been extra focused to deliver the next day so that he can devote the race into the 22-year-old and his family.
Lewis Hamilton was outspoken in his praise of Leclerc – who should really have had three wins by now – all year and predicted more”devotion to come” following his landmark win on Sunday, while Sky F1’s Damon Hill predicted the”floodgates” will now open.
“He has already established himself faster then Sebastian Vettel,” added Hill of Leclerc, and it’s difficult to argue with this believing he’s out-qualified his own team-mate in the previous six races.
Rating out of ten: 10
He dropped out on victory this year but Lewis Hamilton insisted he had been proud of his weekend and it’s not hard to see why.
Hamilton was in qualifying, and but for a couple more laps he would have overtaken Leclerc for a few of his improbable victories. That would have been quite a feat since Mercedes boss Toto Wolff claimed this was going to be”damage limitation” because of Ferrari’s straight-line speed.
Actually Hamilton extended his championship lead almost got lost due to Leclerc victory, while Max Verstappen is a whopping 87 points backwards, however, the Englishman is 65 points ahead of Valtteri Bottas.
Rating from ten: 9
A new Mercedes contract was celebrated by valtteri Bottas at Spa and by defeating Hamilton he’d have expected to immediately justify the religion of his team. However, the weekend really got going to the Finn.
He ended off a tenth off Hamilton in qualifying regardless of his own team-mate’s P3 smash and, though his group frequently attempted to push him gee him up at the race, Bottas wasn’t really in contention for the top two rankings and ended 12s off after turning his engine late on.
While his triumph drought stretches back to around four of their season in Azerbaijan, bottas hasn’t finished before Hamilton because the GP. He desperately wants to find his mojo.
Rating out of ten: 7.5
Speaking of slumps, this is a one for Sebastian Vettel. Since then agonising penalty in Canada in June, Vettel has failed to Leclerc and only has two podium finishes from those six races.
Despite a stressing 0.7s deficit in qualifying, Vettel was well-placed for the racesecond in the grid and with the benefit of slipstream, however a bad start allowed Hamilton through and, although he passed the Mercedes, his lack of speed meant Ferrari matched him early on. That meant a second stop was had by him which dropped him to fourth – albeit with an extra bonus point.
Vettel does deserve credit, however. When minding team orders with a minimum amount of fuss, he transferred out of his team-mate’s manner, he held up Hamilton to get a few laps. That may have been crucial.
Rating from ten: 6.5
Red Bull could not have asked for much more from Alex Albon on his own debut. One of those struggles Pierre Gasly had was making his way through the midfield however, despite having a opening stint about mediums, Albon stormed through the area to the points on softs – a surge which included noteworthy overtakes.
His passes on Daniel Ricciardo and Sergio Perez, from Gasly, that finished fifth or greater double in his 12 races in the Red Bull we seldom watched in particular, showcased fearlessness.
A promising start.
Rating from ten: 9
Sergio Perez is finally back from the points after a drought and it’s no surprise to see him return into the top 10 in Belgium, where he has three finishes. He was agonisingly close to a fourth on Sunday before being passed by Albon to the final lap.
“I moved into attack mode with tons of overtaking,” explained Perez of his race after losing several places during the first-lap chaos.
Promisingly for Racing Point, it looks like their aerodynamic lift overhaul was effective after procuring only their double points end of their season.
Rating from ten: 8.5
Daniil Kvyat would be forgiven for feeling downbeat after the team chosen for Albon, who also the Russian out-qualified and out-scored within their 12 34, after being chased for a Red Bull promotion at Toro Rosso. Charge for another powerful race-day functionality, however, to Kvyat.
Like Albon, Kvyat was forced into a back-of-the-grid (well, 19th thanks to additional penalties) start and followed his former team-mate onto the mediums. He gave the tyre at the conclusion of the race to him also, although passed by Albon, he gained six locations after that instant end – also becoming before Gasly.
The battle between Gasly, Kvyat and Albon is one to consider over the second eight races of the season, with all Red Bull keen to pick on among them from 2020 onwards since Max Verstappen’s permanent team-mate.
Rating from ten: 9
The German confessed that he was quite fortunate to score several points, although nico Hulkenberg was one of the motorists who left a race work on Sunday. He had been and entered the top 10 with two laps remaining.
Following a couple of days that are disappointing with Esteban Ocon confirmed as Hulk’s replacement for the following year, he will take the things .
Rating from ten: 7.5
“We couldn’t be prouder of this man, this weekend,” read a tweet from Honda on Monday following Pierre Gasly’s first race back together using Toro Rosso. Ninth place was impressive, considering that the conditions. Was Gasly sense the strain following Red Bull’s summertime axing, but he then had to come to terms with his friend Hubert’s death.
“I have developed this man. I hurried in karting with Charles and Anthoine since 2005,” said an emotional Gasly after the race. “Then we lived at the exact identical apartment for five decades. We moved in the identical classroom, to the school. I’ve known this man so long and we shared so many minutes on trackoff course, especially.”
Gasly deserves his points and was unfortunate to lose places in the last phases as he toiled on worn medium tyres, but battled in defence and attack throughout the race.
Rating from ten: 8
Qualifying was always going to become more half-hearted from Lance Stroll due to his grid punishment but he made Q2, and made up six places. He believed he might have gained more.
“It was a bit frustrating because I spent the whole race stuck in traffic, behind cars on various strategies,” said the Canadian. “It was hard to find clean atmosphere and really push .”
He has dropped two factors from the drivers’ standings.
Rating from ten: 7
Lando Norris may have been fortunate to obtain six places after Turn One, however, his drive after that – functioning fifth for 43 laps – meant he deserved the very best result of his career. An engine failure with just one lap remaining cruelly denied him. No wonder that his wireless message was filled with expletives.
Rating from ten: 9
Another race for Kevin and Haas Magnussen. The Dane started seventh qualified 10th, and stayed in that place. But Magnussen’s Sunday started to fall apart because he dropped six places. He never recovered then. As he told Sky F1’s Martin Brundle prior to the race, so it is not they are not utilizing them, although that their tyres are being used by Haas too far. A puzzle.
Rating out of ten: 6
It had been going better for Romain Grosjean as, following being out-qualified by Magnussen, he found himself up until his first stop in sixth on Lap 15. Even after that, the Frenchman believed he was aggressive. But that Haas seems to get rid of Grosjean’s pace evaporated from the second half of this race so much so he asked his team to retire the car and all downforce in traffic. “I’m very mad,” said Grosjean after the race.
Rating from ten: 6
Daniel Ricciardo had a weekend that is really impressive, although fourteenth does not seem like a great return. He qualified up in sixth for Renault and, even though having a grid penalty, would have been confident of securing things. But his Renault spent the remainder of the race with ground harm and was struck from behind into Turn One. Although he’d that car, Ricciardo was at the top 10 with less than 10 laps remaining. Unlucky.
Rating from ten: 7.5
George Russell began a career-high 14th in Spa but was not likely together with Williams expecting this to be among their most difficult weekends of the year, to stay there for long. Russell did, but finish well ahead of Robert Kubica.
Rating from ten: 6.5
{Kimi Raikkonen was displaying his Spa command all weekend until being delivered up by Max Verstappen at La Source at the start of the race|Kimi Raikkonen had been displaying {his {old|o

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