Baccarat Casinos

Baccarat is an exciting card game with simple rules, which is held in an online casino, sometimes  with a real croupier. The player observes the process from several points of view at once thanks to the cameras installed in the hall.

Live baccarat provides the effect of presence and is practically no different from playing in a land-based casino. An additional plus – the player is at home in comfortable conditions and can play from any device, whether it be a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Another plus – online baccarat gives you the opportunity to see statistics of dozens of games and look at previously made moves by participants. This allows you to learn and accumulate gaming experience, even without playing on your own. Naturally, this is not possible in a real casino.

Baccarat is an active, exciting and addictive game where the opportunity to make additional bets, watch statistics and monitor the progress of the gameplay is implemented.

The ability to play baccarat online with a real dealer returned her lively charm to the virtual game. Thanks to this, the seemingly boring computer baccarat again won a lot of fans.

Rules of the game

The main task of the players in baccarat is to collect a combination of cards, which in total will give nine or a number as close as possible to nine. Each card in the deck is assigned a specific value. Ace is equal to one point, the value of cards from two to ten corresponds to the number of the card. When giving out a jack, a queen or a king gives ten points, although, as a consequence, all tens are subtracted from the total. If, for example, you have a deuce and a king in your hands, then their sum is 12 points, but as a result of subtracting 10 points, only 2 remain.

A hand whose sum is 9 is considered the strongest in baccarat. Two cards that give 9 points in combination are called a natural combination, winning anyway. The combination of two cards, giving a total of 8 points, is also natural, but lower in rank than the previous hand. The game begins after all bets on the boxes are made. In baccarat, players have several betting options: on their own win, on the dealer’s win, that is, a bet on the bank, or a bet on a draw between the dealer and the player. Each box consists of three fields for these bets. A distinctive feature of baccarat is the use of not one deck, but six, consisting of 52 cards. After the dealer finishes the deal, the player must have two cards in his hands.

There is an option to issue a third card, but this happens according to the rules that are different for the dealer and the player. If two cards in total give less than five, then the player is entitled to one more card. If the total is more than five, then nothing happens.

The dealer can receive an additional card only when the sum of his cards is less than four. If it is equal to five points, then the way out of this situation will depend on how much the player scored in total. The winner is the one who scores the most points, whose sum is closest to 9. If the player’s total points are closer – victory at the player’s stake, if the dealer is closer to 9, then the bank wins. If the dealer and the player have the same number of cards, the draw bet wins.

The payout ratio for a player’s bet is 1: 1. The bet on the bank is paid in the same ratio, only taking into account the withdrawal of 5% of the commission from the win. The greatest income comes from a bet on a draw, which in case of a win is paid from an 8: 1 coefficient. Interestingly, in the event of a tie, bets on the bank or on the player are returned.

A few words about card counting

A fairly large percentage of players, noting the outward similarity of blackjack and baccarat, consider that here, as in blackjack, cards can be counted. We can assure you that the similarity of these two games still allows you to use card counting tactics, but there is practically no point in this. The thing is that the advantage of a gambling establishment changes so insignificantly that, as they say, the sheepskin is not worth the candle. It’s all about the rules of the game – they simply will not give the player the opportunity to cash in on changing such chances.

If in blackjack we have some spaces for maneuver, then this is not the case in baccarat, the player simply does not have the freedom to choose further actions.

I want to say that the cards that are out of the game will affect both the player’s chances. So, the card account strategy, according to existing calculations, is 10 times less effective than the card account strategy in baccarat and you should not deal with it. If you are interested in drawing some information for yourself, then dealing with card counting, it is recommended to pay attention, first of all, to fours and sixes. The more fours left the deck, the higher the dealer’s chances of winning. The more sixes come out of the deck, the more benefits you have.

Martingale Betting System

Martingale is one of the most famous bets in our time and it is applied to almost any gamble. However, we strongly do not recommend using this system in baccarat. And that’s why.

According to this strategy, after each win, the player must increase the size of the bet at least twice. Thus, after the dollar we lost, two dollars must be put on the line. With further loss, the situation repeats, and in case of winning, we need to return to the initial minimum bet – the notorious dollar. If you do not have enough money that will allow you to survive unsuccessful sessions – do not try to stick to Martingale. This is especially true for the average player who plays at low stakes.

Game nuances

I want to say that no betting system in any gambling will give you a 100% guarantee of winning and will not reduce the advantage of a gambling establishment. Some players, choosing a game, are faced with the question – shouldn’t baccarat prefer other gambling entertainment, because the card account doesn’t work here and the strategies, as already mentioned, do not give a special advantage?

The advantage of baccarat over other casino products is, first of all, the minimum advantage of a gambling establishment. There are three varieties of bets, at least 2 of which will not be that beneficial to the player, but put him on an equal footing with the casino.

Betting on a banker

Just note that the rates on the banker are called Banco, this is the most profitable option for a client of a gambling establishment. If you bet on a player (it is called Punto), the casino will get an advantage of 1.25%, and if you bet on a banker, then the advantage of a gambling establishment will be 1.05%.

But this does not mean that you are always better off betting exclusively on the banker, because we come to the gambling house in order to get new emotions, pleasure. However, the number of bets on the banker, more favorable for us, should prevail over the number of bets on the player. It is extremely undesirable to use bets on a draw – a gambling establishment has an incredible advantage of 15% and this is such a way to quickly get rid of your money.

The fewer the cards, the better for the player

Today, gambling establishments often offer the player a choice of several varieties of baccarat. The differences are, first of all, in a different number of decks and the smallest number of decks taking part in the game will be beneficial for us.

They say the numbers – when playing with 8 decks, the chances of winning with bets on the banker are 45.86%, with the bet on the player 44.62% and, accordingly, 9.52% when betting on a draw. In the event that six decks participate in the game, then the numbers change a little. A bet on a banker will give a probability of victory of 45.87%, a bet on a player will bring 44.63%, and a bet on a draw – 9.51%.

It seems that the differences are not significant, but if you approach the issue from the point of view of digital expression of the benefits of a gambling house, then the figures will be 1.06% with 8 decks and 1.05% with 6 decks. If for some reason you want to bet on a player or place bets on a draw, despite our warnings, then the game will be played with 8 decks for you.

Commission matters

A beginner player who, however, has already played roulette or, say, blackjack, will be surprised by the commission withdrawn from the winnings. Traditionally, the size of such a commission is 5%. But sometimes casinos go towards the player and take a commission of 4%. If you see an online casino offering such a commission, it definitely makes sense to take advantage of such an offer.


To summarize. Card accounts, as well as all kinds of betting control systems, give the players practically no benefits. However, no one has canceled the control of the bankroll and it is still as effective as in any other casino game. Set time limits for the game in advance, as well as a loss limit and a win limit. By controlling your excitement you can protect yourself from serious financial losses and leave the institution with a profit if you win!