On March 24 Astralis will meet with Vitality as a part of the last gaming day of the ESL Pro League group stage. Both teams claim the first step in the standings. Who will be the 1st? – Check our prediction.

Astralis form

The Danes started their tournament path unsuccessfully, with a defeat from NiP. However, solid triumphs went on after that . the second team of the world confidently beat GODSENT, ENCE and Spirit. For the three matches mentioned, this five lost only one Inferno card in the battle against the Finns from ENCE. After a recent failure at IEM Katowice, Astralis is still not it the best form, but it seems that the most stable team of our time is gaining condition. The server owners will definitely be banned from Mirage, where device and the company do not play.

On the eve of the last gaming day Astralis have 9 points, which corresponds to the second position. The Swedes from NiP have an identical point indicator, but those have better statistics on rounds.

Team Vitality form

The arrival of a new player in the team did not fatally affect the results. In the starting four rounds, the French lost only once. It is noteworthy that a tragedy occurred in the most unexpected place – in the battle against the Russians from Spirit. They rehabilitated for that failure on March 22nd. On the aforementioned day, the Vitality converged against NiP. In the format of two cards (Vertigo and Nuke), the outsider proved that the bookmakers were in a hurry with quotes. After 4 rounds they have gained nine points. This result allows them to hope for the first line and a direct ticket to the main stage of the tournament. The only problem is that for this they need to confidently beat Astralis.

Astralis vs Team Vitality Prediction

The French, although they demonstrate good performance at the current tournament, have not yet met an opponent even a little comparable in strength with Astralis. Hence, we predict that Astralis will win.

Astralis vs Team Vitality live stream