If someone said a year ago that Astralis and Team Spirit would play at the same level, he would be sent to a hospital. But now at ESL Pro League Season 11 everything is just that. This match will answer many questions, as well as decide the fate of the teams. Who is better? – Read our prediction.

Astralis form

The Danish team has been the best team in the world in CS: GO for more than a year, but everything ends sometime. Now Astralis sank to second place, skipping ahead Natus Vincere.

There were no global changes in the team, but many people have noticed that the game has disappeared somewhere. There is no ease and excitement with which Astralis recently smashed their rivals. Someone blames it on the format of the tournament, which is played online, and someone says that the team’s peak has passed and will only get worse.

The answer to these questions will be given by the game of the team, which nevertheless remains at the level. It can be seen that the guys have a class. They are rightfully considered one of the main favorites of this tournament, but in order to continue the fight at ESL Pro League Season 11, they need to defeat Team Spirit.

Team Spirit form

When the team takes 27th place in the world ranking, you automatically do not expect any high results from it in major tournaments. But the guys from Team Spirit decided to prove that this is not so.

Of the three meetings at the tournament, the “dragons” won two. First, ENCE (2:0) was defeated, as well as the formidable Team Vitality (2:1). The picture of the complete extravaganza was ruined by a defeat from NiP (0:2), although even there the Russian team had chances to catch on and impose a fight in the Swedes.

In general, we can safely say that Team Spirit amaze and do it in a brilliant way. Individual actions of the players are at a good level, and their team actions are also at their best. It’s nice to watch their game. The guys have already argued that as outsiders are able to beat their opponents. Why not to repeat it?

Astralis vs Team Spirit Prediction

Since we started talking about the fact that Team Spirit is able to surprise, why not check it with a bet? So, for example, the total of more than 2.5 cards is estimated with a good coefficient. Is this not a tempting offer, comsidering that the tournament is online, where there are a lot of sensations?

Astralis vs Team Spirit live stream