Astralis last time lost Na’Vi, so on April 5 they will try to rehabilitate themselves for such an annoying defeat. Will the Danes manage to do this? Find the answer in the prediction.


According to the results of the first round, the Danish team Astralis took first place, gaining 12 points. In the first game day, they suffered a sensational defeat from NiP (0:2) with devastating scores, but then they did a series of 4 victories. Thus, the team showed that it is in great shape.

A couple of months ago, the Danes headed the ranking table, but after an unsuccessful performance in Katowice, they lost their positions. Now they are hungry for victories and are motivated to take revenge from NaVi.

Natus Vincere

“Born to win” managed to make a real breakthrough in the first round. According to the results of the first two matches, they were at the bottom of the standings, but then they could get together, thanks to it they won 3 consecutive wins, which allowed them to take the first line.

For today, the Ukrainian organization Natus Vincere is the best in the world, but its last results do not inspire confidence. In almost every fight, they consistently lost one map, with the exception of the past against Fnatic.

Betting Statistics

  • Na’Vi have won two previous matches against Astralis.
  • Astralis had two of three matches on three maps.
  • Na’Vi have a series of three victories.

Astralis vs Natus Vincere

In this confrontation, we advise you to bet on the victory of the Danes. This is the first match of the group stage of the second round, we do not exclude the possibility that there may be a sensation, but lately we are more impressed with the game of Astralis. We perfectly understand that “born to win” have an advantage in personal meetings. This year they have twice beat the Danish team, but it was offline. Now they are performing online, where their results leave much to be desired. During the first round, they often had difficulties with tier-2 teams, so it makes no sense to expect good results from NaVi.

  • Our prediction: Astralis will win

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Astralis vs Natus Vincere live stream