Follow the Tennis match between Ashleigh Barty and Jennifer Brady live. The match starts at 02:00 on 09 January 2020. Our live coverage lets you follow all the key moments as they happen.

Ashley Barty

Barty is rightfully considered the first racket of the world, because last season she was the most stable, produced results at a distance, and this is something new for the WTA tour. One of the main sensations was definitely the triumph of the Australian at the French Open, because she never stood out for success on the sticky ground, and often completely ignored this coating. This is because Ashley prefers to control the ball, which is almost impossible on the ground, where he changes the path when he falls. It is for this reason that most of the branded cuts with a twist flew outs. But she found a way out of this situation, she simply began to act tougher, run into the ball, shoot. And she did it perfectly because the tennis player does not have any weaknesses. Barty has one of the best services in the WTA round, easily holds the ball and aggravates from forehand, backhand. At any moment, it can completely rebuild and begin to act as the second number, destroying the game of rivals (due to those famous cut blows). At the start of the season, Barty will have to defend a minimum of rating points, and this is a great opportunity to strengthen his position on the first line.

Jennifer Brady

Yesterday we assumed that there would be no easy walk for Maria Sharapova, because the Russian woman is too far from her optimal position, and then there is a match against the rapidly progressing Brady. And so it happened because the Russian woman lost in three sets, but she must be given her due, as Maria fought until the last rally. Jennifer is pleasantly impressive at the start because she has already managed to get four victories in a row while closing difficult opponents. Yes, and she herself has transformed, has thrown off excess weight and now has become more mobile, moves perfectly on the court, takes out difficult balls. Progress is also noticeable on the pitch, as before she served without any plan, she simply put maximum effort and was guided in the body. Now, it constantly varies the direction of the ball (it is especially confident in executing the outgoing server). In the draws, the tennis players demonstrated a completely different game last season, because she learned to endure, and not just to beat with all her might. If Brady will perform at this level throughout the season, then there is every chance of a shot at big tournaments.

Statistics and personal meetings

  • Tennis players had two matches between themselves, two victories in Barty’s asset.

Ashley Barty vs Jennifer Brady Predictions

Barty will have a debut match this season, and Brady is already on a serious move. Therefore, the American will not need time to enter the game, she will dictate her rules from the first game. It is still difficult to expect anything concrete from Ashley, since she is now under serious pressure, for the first time begins the year in the status of the first racket of the world, and her expectations are huge. So here it is best to ignore the bets on the outcome, and take the total more.