January 16, Arina Sobolenko will meet with Halep in the quarter-finals of the tournament in Adelaide. Who will win this match? – read below prediction

Aryna Sabalenka

Aryna Sabalenka, the season begins frankly not impressive. The tournament in the Chinese “Shenzhen” she held very weakly, having passed two plain-looking rivals, and flew away from Kristýna Plíšková, who is clearly not the top in the tennis world … This tournament at Sabalenka, while she can overcome with great creak, the modest representative of Taiwan, Xie , strained Belarus in full, and Sabalenka , somehow through three sets went further. A little-known American Pera, Sobolenko was also beating her nerves, in full, the first set even reached a tie-break.

Sobolenko’s weak game, on its serve, gives away prohibitively many games on its serve, and if with rivals like Pera, such a number passes, and it turns out to win anyway, then Halep will pack Belarus with such a game for games 16 … Given what, Sabalenka now she’s still without a coach, to prompt, and to correct the game for her now no one can, and to rivals of the Halep level, she is now completely unprepared ….

Simona Halep

Halep, in no hurry, by the middle of January, the Romanian had played only one official match this season, defeating the Australian tennis player Tomlyanovich at the start of the current tournament. Not to say that, Halep, this one did very confidently 6-4, 7-5. But, given the military nature of Tomlyanovich, it is already good to beat her in two games. In the upcoming match, the Romanian is the final favorite, her opponent in this match is weaker than in the previous round. Tomlyanovich, kept her pitch perfectly, strained an opponent to a stranger, but still this was not enough to win at least in the game.

Sabalenka fails on his serve, and with such a game you can’t count on anything in the match against Halep … Romanian, he can pack and send Belarus from the tournament for 16 games in this match.

Statistics and personal meetings

  • Halep is a favorite in this confrontation, because the extreme meetings between the two tennis players ended in Simone’s victory in 2 sets.
  • And the victories were obtained with a very solid margin for games, despite the fact that the Halep level is not so critically higher than that of Sobolenko – both tennis players are in the TOP-15 of the WTA rating.
  • I do not see any prerequisites for betraying traditions here and am betting S. Halep to win in this confrontation.

Aryna Sabalenka vs Simona Halep Game Prediction

With the favorite here everything is very clear. Of course, Halep must go further! Sabalenka, could not oppose anything to the Romanian in 2018 when she was on the rise, draining both in-person matches with a score of 0-2. Now, even more so, nothing shines for her.

My bet: Simona Halep will win

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