In the first round match of the tournament in Hua Hin on February 10, Arina Rodionova and Nao Hibino will play among themselves. In five personal meetings, Arina won four times.
Hibino with a creak, but still held in the top 100. The Japanese woman is able to swipe for more, but so far she does not know how to compete at a distance and hardly defends rating points. Arina Rodionova confidently began the season, will she be able to continue to perform at this level? Will there be another victory? – read in our prediction.

At what time does the Arina Rodionova vs Nao Hibino play?
The game time is February 10, 2020, at 09:15 AM (UK time).

What are player’s positions in WTA rankings?
Arina Rodionova takes the 148th positions and Nao Hibino takes the 84th position in WTA Tour Rankings.

How many wins and losses do the Arina Rodionova have?
Arina Rodionova has won 57.9% of games as a favorite.

How many wins and losses does the Nao Hibino have?
Nao Hibino has won 74.1% of the games as a favorite.

Arina Rodionova

Successful for herself Arina Rodionova can consider the start of the 2020 season. In Adelaide, qualification reached the second round. On Australian Open also went into the second round.

In January, the tennis player was marked by victories over difficult rivals (Suarez-Navarro, Potapova, Stevens). Obviously, with the current form, the order in the match against a convenient opponent Hibino will try to win another victory.

A few years ago Rodionova stomped around the top 100 for a long time. But she couldn’t manage to take the last step to make her debut in the elite, because all the new health problems were constantly worried. And after another injury, the Australian missed a series of important tournaments and now starts all from scratch. It should be noted that Arina, although far from the most eminent tennis player, is able to give battle to many rivals. After all, it has a powerful pitch in its arsenal, and is expertly capable of slowing down the tempo and rhythm due to various strokes. In addition, at any time, she can proceed to attacking actions.

Nao Hibino

Khibino is small in stature, but this is precisely the case when the dimensions do not affect the strength of the blows at all. After all, Nao acts on the court in an “over” aggressive manner, she quickly moves around the court and is able to aggravate with both hands. What the tennis player really lacks is the pitch, because she just puts the first ball into the court, and on the second she still manages to allow a lot of doubles. Hibino successfully competes exclusively in hard tournaments, and all because of the fact that he can quickly complete the draws.

Representative of Japan Nao Hibino currently occupies only 84th position in the WTA ranking. The best result for a tennis player in her career was 64th place.

At the Australian Open, Hibino successfully overcame qualification by beating weaker rivals. In the main draw there was a victory over Shuai Peng (4-6, 7-6, 6-3). Against Maria Sakkari in the second round, she was only able to impose the Hibino fight, but lost (6-7, 4-6).

Betting Tips Statistics

  • The girls are well acquainted with each other, because they met on the court five times. A clear advantage is on the side of Arina Rodionova, who won four meetings.
  • In 2020, Rodionova won two matches in the main draw of the WTA tournaments.
  • Hibino in 2020 in the main tournament draw WTA won only one match.


It is hard to imagine who can win. After all, Khibino is far from in optimal shape, and Rodionova is extremely unpredictable and can lose to any opponent without a chance. One thing is clear, no one will give a victory just like that, since in this tournament it is quite possible to swing to the final stages.

In the upcoming match, tennis players of the same level will play among themselves. Both played well for themselves at the January tournaments. We expect that the first factor in determining the winner will be the factor of personal meetings, which show us a clear advantage of Rodionova. We offer a forecast for the victory of the representative of Australia.

Our prediction is Rodionova’s victory.

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