Since Arina Rodionova in three previous personal meetings can not win a victory over such a tennis professional as Kiki Bertens, few doubt how the match, scheduled for 22.01.2020, will end. But Arina Rodionova will still be able to prove the opposite, when the rivals will appear on the tennis court.

Bet and win

Arina Rodionova

Since Arina Rodionova goes to court almost the first time after a year break, no one is going to wait for a miracle, because it is clear that more time is needed in order to play a good shape. Before this match, only one match was played, where, although there was a victory, the fans of the tennis legend had to get nervous a lot. Despite the weak class of the opponent, with the score, 2-0 little advantage was not lost. True, Arina Rodionova again demonstrates her character and perseverance, so I managed to get together and win.

Earlier on the clay courts, it was possible to see a very good game, but now it’s not at all clear what Arina Rodionova is and if there are any changes to compete at least for getting out of the qualification in the main draw. According to the last game, we can conclude that everything is in order with the pitch, but whether Arina Rodionova can surprise me with anything is not yet clear.

Kiki Bertens

At this tournament, Kiki Bertens plays with qualification, where at first there was a victory over the representative of the fifth hundred tennis rating, and then he managed to beat the local player in a difficult match. Having played in only two matches, you still cannot adapt to this court surface, because Kiki Bertens still loves clay or grass courts, but here you have to play hard. Lacking high speed, Kiki Bertens does not like the fast pace of the game but prefers reliable defense on the backline.

Moreover, Kiki Bertens confidently acts at the reception, well-punching racquets on both sides. The 45th racket of the world has not only high-quality forehand, but also a backhand, so Kiki Bertens on the second serve often has even a higher percentage of winning than on the first. At the age of 35, Kiki Bertens has not yet thought about ending his career, and at this tournament, it is not yet difficult to play, as there is enough time to recover between the matches.

Arina Rodionova vs Kiki Bertens Prediction

From the start of the current tennis season, Arina Rodionova and Kiki Bertens began to demonstrate an excellent level of training, which resulted in a large number of victories and won trophies. Against the background of the fact that a number of athletes still cannot boast of good shape, showing torn results, our rivals try to win as many matches as possible in order to improve their positions in the ranking. Recall that for the victory in the current tournament, tennis players will receive enough points to rise further in the ranking, and the results that Arina Rodionova and Kiki Bertens show at this tournament indicate that the rivals are not going to slow down, and their main goal here is taking a trophy.

That is why the match of these rivals attracted the attention of tennis fans, and our analysts also decided to share their predictions for this match. Since this season Arina Rodionova and Kiki Bertens had several face-to-face matches, which took place in a tense struggle, our analysts are confident that the excellent form and excellent level of preparation should help ensure that this match between the rivals should turn out to be no less spectacular than previous matches. The tournament cover also has a long game, since Arina Rodionova and Kiki Bertens act on the pitch, so we do not exclude a tight fight in each set, which, of course, will appeal to fans of tennis.