Due to the fact that the meeting is scheduled for 02.24.2020, there is very little time left for preparation, so opponents need to intensify their training. Arantxa Rus and Nao Hibino have been professionally playing tennis for more than ten years, so they had to meet six times at various tournaments, and if Arantxa Rus has four wins, then Nao Hibino can only boast of two wins.

At what time are Arantxa Rus vs Nao Hibino to play?
The game time is February 24, 2020, at 05:15 PM CST (GMT -6).

What are the players’ positions in WTA rankings?
Arantxa Rus takes the 75th positions and Nao Hibino takes the 71st positions in WTA Tour Rankings.

How many wins and losses does Arantxa Rus have?
Arantxa Rus has won 69.6% of the games as a favorite.

How many wins and losses does Nao Hibino have?
Nao Hibino has won 67.1% of the games as a favorite.

Arantxa Rus

This season, Arantxa Rus already has a large number of matches played, which clearly indicates that the twelfth racket of the world is in good shape, as it was possible to play it. Of course, despite the excellent results at previous tournaments, you should not pay special attention to them, because at those Challengers there were opponents of a completely different level with whom it was easy to take early wins.

And since this tournament is much more prestigious and the best rackets of the world have gathered here, it is not so easy to prove yourself. Arantxa Rus can rejoice that they managed to overcome four stages already, but in the last meeting it was a very difficult game since the first set was completely failed, so I had to play a lot more carefully. Arantxa Rus still has difficulty adapting to the court, as previously, almost all matches played were played on a different surface.

Nao Hibino

Last season was at a very good level because it started in the second hundred of the international tennis rating, but in the end, it was possible to rise even to the 65th line. Fans hope that Nao Hibino will play even better this year so that successful results will be supported by the tournaments won. In the first two tournaments, it did not work to reach the finals, as in the first there was a relegation in the quarter-finals, and in the second it was already in the first stage.

But, this was due to the weak form at the beginning of the season, and now Nao Hibino is already showing the best level. There were already three wins in this tournament, and in these fights, only one set was lost. All matches this season were held on hard, so Nao Hibino already feels good coverage and will try to play in the fastest style. Nao Hibino has a very strong serve, as well as high speed, and one of the main young talents of tennis loves to constantly change the rhythm of the game.

Arantxa Rus vs Nao Hibino Predictions

The difference in class should not prevent the rivals from giving an excellent match on the tennis courts of a famous tournament. Arantxa Rus and Nao Hibino will first meet each other. If Arantxa Rus is already used to playing at such stages of major tennis tournaments, where he has considerable experience, then the rival Nao Hibino is only taking his first steps in adult tennis, so he is not yet experienced in such games.

Even taking into account the fact that world tennis experts predict a great future for an athlete, neither bookmakers nor experts of our resource see any factors here in favor of the wins of a less experienced athlete. Along with this, we believe that in one of the sets, or even in two, the opponent can impose a struggle on his more experienced opponent.

Looking at the results that Aranta Rus demonstrated as a junior, it seems that the athlete is the future of world tennis. Naturally, in order to play on equal terms and defeat the leaders of the world ranking, in addition to talent, you must have the proper experience and have an excellent psychological attitude. All this will come with time, but for now, it’s worth starting from the current form, and it says that Arantxa Rus is a favorite of the confrontation.

It is possible that the favorite will allow the opponent to prove himself, allowing him to get invaluable experience of playing at such a level and against such opponents. In this case, the game will be very interesting, first of all, from the point of view that sports fans will be able to watch the first steps of the future star. Predictions from our experts for this match are presented below, all good tennis and winning bets.

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