APK Prince will fight Gen.G on April 8 at 11:00 (UTC), and our site will give the most accurate prediction for this match. What is better to bet on?

APK Prince

APK Prince have more or less adjusted their game recently, thanks to which they climbed to the 7th line of the overall table and scored a total of 15 points. This number of points helps the team is not in the relegation zone. By the way, recently the Princes defeated SANDBOX Gaming (2:0), AFS (2:0) and KT Rolster (2:0), but in the last meeting they still lost to Griffin – (1:2).


Gen.G shares first place with SK Telecom T1 and has 36 points in the asset. The team has set the highest goals for this season and will fight until the very end. Despite the motivation, the team failed from DragonX (0:2) in the previous match, although earlier they beat SANDBOX Gaming with a score of (2:0). Recently, Gen.G was in great shape, so that none of the opponents could even take a card from them.


  • Gen.G won four of last six matches
  • APK Prince lost in the previous fight
  • The last meeting between the teams ended in favor of Gen.G with a score of (2:0)

APK Prince vs Gen.G Prediction

Gen.G is one of the tournament leaders, so they can’t afford to lose to teams like APK Prince. APK Prince are fighting for survival in the championship, and their opponent, on the contrary, is fighting for the first position, so they are unlikely to even take one map.

  • Our prediction: Gen.G win handicap (-1.5)

APK Prince vs Gen.G live stream