Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Lightweight scrappers Anthony Pettis and Carlos Diego Ferreira will throw down this Saturday (Jan. 18, 2020) at UFC 246 from inside T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Anthony Pettis

Pettis is one of the most gaudy kickboxers in the game, however his viability is undeniable. There is not kidding power in both Pettis’ kicks and punches, and his jiu-jitsu remains underestimated and very dangerous.The issue keeps on being pressure for the previous boss. At the point when offered space to work, he’s as yet prepared to do truly mind boggling things, as we saw with his flying Superman punch knockout of Stephen Thompson. In any case, when Nate Diaz turned up the warmth and made it revolting, Pettis just didn’t perform.Luckily, Ferreira isn’t exactly as committed to advance weight as Diaz, however he’ll likely attempt. Pettis is the slicker man and heavier kicker, and it’s significant he set the pace early. On the off chance that Pettis can truly rip off a couple of body kicks early, that might be only the weapon expected to drive Ferreira to back off and regard Pettis’ offense a piece.

Carlos Diego Ferreira

Ferreira is an undervalued ability, an incredible grappler who has truly built up the remainder of his game. Ferreira is by all accounts hitting more earnestly than at any other time, wrestling all the more effectively, is still out and out dreadful when ready to increase top position.Simply put, there isn’t a warrior on the program who I wouldn’t encourage to pressure if confronting Pettis. He’s every so often lost in different manners, for example, when Edson Barboza beat up his legs all things considered — yet not compelling Pettis significantly expands the chances that he’ll pull off some kind of insane knockout. Ferreira needs to wisely compel Pettis onto his back foot. His striking has progressed to the point that he doesn’t need to compel a fight however, which is acceptable — Pettis can in any case split messy warriors with counters. Rather, Ferreira can progress behind his long snap kick, hope to remove the confine, and inevitably time takedowns underneath Pettis’ punches or while his back is to the fence.


  • 2019 Anthony Pettis has achievements: “The best knockout of the evening”
  • Anthony Pettis fought with the strongest, but lost
  • Anthony Pettis Former Lightweight Champion
  • Carlos Ferreira is a holder of a black belt in the BJ
  • Carlos Ferreira has 16 wins and 2 losses

Anthony Pettis vs Carlos Diego Ferreira: Tale of the tape

5 ft 10 inHeight5 ft 9 in
169.5 lbsWeight156 lbs
72.5 inReach74 in
22-9-0 Record16-2-0
46%Striking accuracy36%
#24 WelterW (Worldwide)UFC ranking#17 LightW (Worldwide)

Anthony Pettis vs Carlos Diego Ferreira Predictions

Now, Pettis isn’t generally being taken a gander at as a contender in any division. In any case, it’s not in the least incomprehensible for him to recapture that position. His battling style is as yet stunning to watch, and individuals basically love Pettis! Getting passed an extreme and balanced Ferreira would be a beginning, however to truly reignite his vocation as a contender, Pettis needs successive successes. Concerning Ferreira, this is actually a represent the deciding moment minute. The jiu-jitsu dark belt has done very well to bob once again from continuous misfortunes in 2015, however he’s presently 34 years of age. On the off chance that Ferreira is to make a far-fetched run at the title, it must be on his present win streak, as losing to Pettis would demonstrate too major a mishap. Fortunately, it is likewise an opportunity to score the most prominent triumph of his vocation, and 6th consecutive successes is difficult to disregard, even at 155 pounds.

  • Anthony Pettis will win