Diyas and Blinkova have already met on the court more than once, and even this year. At the WTA tournament in Shenzhen in the 1/8 finals, the tennis players sorted out the relationship on the court for a long time, the Russian woman miserably failed the first game, but then she began to serve the first ball more stably and brought the second set to a tie-break. In the decisive game, Diyas acted more reliably at the reception, tried to seize the initiative in the rallies and force the opponent to take risks, and in the end she won. At JSC Zarina in the first round she beat Amanda Anisimova, who was a clear favorite, but did not keep her advantage. The American played over aggressively and made too many mistakes. Blinkova beat Paolini at the start, a profile primer, but here Anna had to sweat, since Yasmin regularly earned break points, but could not always realize them. Blinkova had a poor match, so there are so many questions for her game.

Bet and win

Anna Blinkova

Due to the low place in the tennis ranking, Anna Blinkova starts all tournaments with qualifications, but these fights do not present any difficulty since they mostly have early victories. Due to the fact that already at the beginning of the season a lot of fights were played, Anna Blinkova now shows a powerful form, so this tournament is already among the favorites. In past tournaments, it did not work to win trophies just because there were defeats from clearly stronger opponents, because in one tournament the loss was from the future winner, and in the second from the opponent who reached the semifinals. Qualification was also easily passed at this tournament because all three matches ended in two games. It is evident that with each match Anna Blinkova feels better on these courts, so in this match, there should no longer be problems with adaptation to the type of coverage. Anna Blinkova prefers fast pace and strong punches, but if necessary she can play well in defense.

Zarina Diyas

Zarina Diyas, despite the high place in the world tennis ranking, is not among the favorites at this tournament, since last year there was a flight at an early stage. But, after a year, Zarina Diyas can demonstrate her experience and ability to read the game, so this time the results will definitely not be so deplorable. Now Zarina Diyas is among the talented representatives of tennis since progress is visible on the face, so now no one is surprised at the exits to the semi-finals and final matches. Yes, Zarina Diyas has no titles yet, but this only proves that the 21st racket of the world is hungry for trophies and will demonstrate maximum motivation in every game. In addition, this tournament is held on clay courts, and more than twenty matches have already been played on clay this season, so Zarina Diyas will be able to feel confident about this coverage and will try to take advantage of her tactical advantages.

Statistics and personal meetings

  • Diyas has won three of four games this year. You can bet Zarina in the upcoming meeting for 1.91.
  • Blinkova gained two victories in the last five meetings. You can play her success in this fight for 1.90.
  • 3-1 in personal meetings leads Diyas. This year, tennis players have already played among themselves and in a three-set match, Zarina became the winner.

Anna Blinkova vs Zarina Diyas Prediction

Does the Russian equalize the score? Blinkova is unstable, like Diyas, it all depends on how well each of them will serve because at the reception they both play well. We assume that after a loud victory over Anisimova, the Kazakh athlete will have even greater motivation to get into the third round and declare herself in this tournament, but Blinkov will not be able to win the second time easily.