On January 20 there will be a match at the Australian Open, where Ann Li and Lizette Cabrera will be on court.

Ann Li

This season Ann Li is showing the best form in her career. A strong game was shown in the first tournament, after which the Masters managed to reach the semi-finals, despite the fact that the start was still in qualification. In this tournament Ann Li once again shows a powerful game and easily copes with those opponents who are caught by the draw. So far, all the matches have been won early, so Li also saves energy, which can play an important role in this match if it is not already won in advance.

Lizette Cabrera

The beginning of this season could have been just great, because already in the first tournament she managed to reach the semifinals, but the game had to be abandoned due to a little injury. Fortunately, the injury was not serious, so Lizette Cabrera is now back in line and hopes to play better in this tournament. Cabrera has an unusual style of play, performing a lot of cut short strokes during the match, so it is very difficult for the opponents to adapt to such a game and act confidently in drawings. With the pitching while Cabrera has problems, but it is unlikely to be long, because there is simply no need to put a lot of stress on the hand, because it was with her small problems that forced to see the doctors. On the hard surface Lizette Cabrera performs most often, so she has a lot of experience playing on these courts.

Statistics and personal meetings

  • Ann Li on 142 position in Rank
  • Lizette Cabrera on 129 position in Rank
  • Ann Li won seven times, and five times there were early victories, with only one loss.

Ann Li vs Lizette Cabrera Game Prediction

From the start of the current tennis season, Ann Li and Lizette Cabrera began to demonstrate an excellent level of preparation, which resulted in a huge series of victories and winning trophies. In personal games, which the rivals had between them on this type of coverage, Ann Li won without much trouble, so we see no reason not to win this match with confidence.

Our prediction – Ann Li to win.