Main Card in South Africa is really big chance for young homie Pierre. Fighters with different styles will show all they can to prove what are they capable of. Will Anicet keep distance? Check our prediction.

At what time Kanyeba and Botha fight?
The fight time is March 14, 2020, Main Card Starts at 14:00 ET.

Where to watch the fight?
Fight Sport, EFC TV, Super Sport, Sabc Sport

How many wins and losses Kanyeba have?
Anicet Kanyeba has 12 wins and 9 losses.

How many wins and losses Botha have?
Pierre Botha has 11 wins and 7 losses.

Statistics and physical data

  Anicet Kanyeba Pierre Botha
Age 39 29
Weight 154.3 lbs 148.8 lbs
Height 5’8″ (1.77 m) 5’3″ (160 cm)
Reach 72,44″ (184 cm) 73,71″ (189cm)
Number of fights 21 19
Wins 12 11
Defeat 9

Anicet Kanyeba

MMA 39 years old fighter from Democratic Republic Of The Congo. Anicet has heavy handed and crisp boxing in his arsenal. Kanyeba more known with boxing style. He won 8 fights with knockouts.

Last fight was on December 14, 2019 in EFCA. Kanyeba broke Saxon Delafield with unanimous decision. He won last 4 fights.

Anicet work hard with his trainer Conrad Seabi and ready to fight in main card with Botha. Showstopper is in good conditions and could show quality boxing.

Pierre Botha

29 years old MMA fighter from South Africa. Pierre is more exceptional wrestler and really strong in the clinch. He could show unstoppable takedowns.

His last fight was on August 10, 2019 in EFCA with Tumisang Madiba. Botha won in first round by knockout. Pierre won last 3 fights.

In his native walls, with the support of his fans, it will be easier to fight. Botha shows confidence in the ring and a willingness to take risks.

Betting Tips Statistics

  • Kanyeba is on 7 cm heigher than Botha.
  • Botha is more wrestler, Kanyeba prefer boxing.
  • Kanyeba is on 10 years older than Botha.
  • Botha will fight in home walls.

Kanyeba vs Botha Prediction

Fighters have different styles. If Anicet will keep distance and prevent Botha from taking a hold, he has a chance to hold out. Botha holds the punch and is dangerous on ground. In last fight Botha showed really amazing fast mooves. We predict that Botha will be able to grab Kanyeba by knocking him out. Pierre is younger and faster. Anicet has no chance on the ground.

  • Our prediction: Pierre Botha Will Win.

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