On March 27 there will be a game between Salamander and Ambush. The teams will determine who is the the strongest between the two. The game will be held as part of the ESEA Advanced Season 33 Europe CS:GO tournament.


Ambush are located on a hundred and fifty-second line in the world classification. The organization representing Denmark is not playing a very good game at the moment. At ESEA Advanced Season 33, they were defeated by Apeks 0:2 in the starting battle and flew to the bottom of the grid, where they are currently trying to catch up with teams such as FATE and Chetz after quizzes.

It’s hard to say that the Scandinavians show an individually decent level of play, because Ryxxo with a rating of 1.12 is considered the only eSportsman in the line-up who has more than one statistical indicator. In this case, the five of them appeared in a modified version. And in the current competition, Maze acts as team captain.


Salamander has settled on the eighty-eighth position in the world ranking. In the current tournament they managed to win the top net of Tricked – 2:1, but then quite sensationally lost to ALTERNATE aTTaX with the result 1:2 and hit the bottom net. There they already had a fight against Unique, beating their opponents 2:1.

The Hungarians show a more decent individual level, as they have four players with a rating higher than one. In addition, they are considered to be a more status team. So far, Victories are not given to the organization easily, but they still have to break through to the final on their skillet.


  • Salamander was able to win three of the last five games.
  • The main roster of the Danish team played only four games.
  • Salamander is much higher in the classification, being in 88th place, and their opponents, Ambush, are only 152nd in the world ranking.
  • The Hungarian guys are considered to be insignificant favorites with bookmakers.

Ambush vs Salamander Prediction

On March 27, Ambush and Salamander will host a match of the ESEA Advanced Season 33 European Event Grid. According to the bookmaker’s offices, Salamander is considered a slight favourite. Our main sports experts are in solidarity with bookmakers. Leading eSports observers recommend betting on the victory of the Hungarian team in this confrontation. Prediction: Salamander’s victory

Ambush vs Salamander live stream