On May 10, in Jacksonville, in the midst of a raging pandemic, Dana White organized the long-suffering UFC.249 event. According to him, here is the strongest card in the history of UFC. In one of the preliminaries in the octagon, they will meet Russian fighter Aleksey Oleinik (the twelfth number of the official rating of UFC applicants) and Brazilian Fabrice Werdum. The fight will be held in the heavy weight category.

At what time Oleinik and Werdum fight?
The fight time is May 10, 2020, at 5:00 PM ET.

Where to watch the fight?
Will be shown ESPN+

How many wins and losses Oleinik have?
Alexey Oleinik has 58 wins and 13 losses.

How many wins and losses Werdum have?
Fabricio Werdum has 23 wins and 8 losses.

Statistics and physical data

  Alexey Oleinik Fabricio Werdum
Age 42 42
Weight 238.0 lbs (108.0 kgs) 249.0 lbs (112.9 kgs)
Height 6’1″ (186cm) 6’4″ (193cm)
Arm span 80.0″ (203cm) 77.0″ (196cm)
Number of fights 72 32
Wins 58 23
Defeat 13 8

Alexey Oleinik

A veteran from veterans who spent 72 fights in a professional MMA (oh, God) is not going to hang gloves on a nail and continues to take on new challenges. He fought in January, a little more than three months passed, and the “Boa constrictor” goes back into the cage. True, information flashed that if he did not accept the offer from the UFC, then he would have to wait a couple of years for the next fight. So, you want, you don’t want, but go out and fight.

 In his previous duel, Oleynik caught Maurice Green on the lever of his elbow, being, according to bookmakers, an obvious underdog. And before that, he lost two matches in a row – to Walt Harris (direct knockout) and Alistair Overeem (technical knockout). For these defeats, it is worth making a small reservation – both opponents from the top 10, this time, and Oleinik went to one of the fights literally at a week’s notice, these are two.

Fabricio Werdum

“I would like to be in the main card, but without speaking for two years, I am glad that there is. I am happy to be among the participants, because there will be major fights at the tournament. I have two fights left under the contract with the UFC. I want to finish this soon. I need to make up for the years that I was absent, ”Werdum said in an interview with Combate.

And Werdum was absent from March 2018, when Alexander Volkov knocked it out. The reason for the absence is not the most respectful, Fabrice failed the doping test, and the anabolic steroid trenbolone and its metabolite were found in his blood. The period of disqualification is two years, exactly to UFC.249. Now the fighter is 42 years old, exactly the same as Oleinik, and in his record there are 31 matches and 23 victories.

Very accurately, Werdum was described by his current opponent: “Werdum is very cunning, with innovative, creative thinking of moves. Naturally, I cannot predict his actions. But try to tune in to the fact that there can be anything, that is, almost a somersault, that I should. For two years he sat [without fighting] and came up with new technical things. It seems he trained, fought, he had good hard training. It is not known which is better: two years working in good health mode or two years plowing, breaking arms and legs, like me. It is impossible to predict everything. I am sure that we are both a high-class fighter and fighter, and the fight will not be easy. I don’t think that he will, like all my fights, reach the decision of the judges. I think that you need to immediately go all-in, as in principle I do in all fights. Do not wait for something, a signal, time or what seems to me, that the opponent started to get tired or made a mistake. I do not put more than 3-5% of 100% on the [execution of suffocating] Ezekiel. There are a couple more tricks that I can put more on. ”

Betting Tips Statistics

  • Oleinik has got 2 wins in a row.
  • Werdum lost the las fight.
  • Werdum has an advantage in height.

Oleinik vs Werdum Prediction

Soldiers of the same age, a slight advantage in growth on the side of Werdum. Oleynik has superior leverage.

We are waiting for the confrontation between the two masters of the stalls. Both have black belts in jujitsu and excellent grappling skills. Unlike Alexei, Werdum is also a good drummer. Of course, the stand is not his best side, but he will be able to kill the Russian. In this case, Oleynik will try to win by fighting. And in the stalls are already the chances of the Brazilian, we do not evaluate as high.

Alexey translates about 3 times in 15 minutes with a realization of 40%. Werdum is protected from takedowns in only 30% of cases. Werdum himself doesn’t do takedowns so often. And Oleinik makes many more attempts to conduct a submission. Although in his career Fabrice never lost by surrender.

Another point is not in favor of the Brazilian. Werdum has been inactive for 2 years. What form is he in now, and what is the level of motivation of a fighter? This is not known. It is known that all this time Aleksey Oleynik held fights.

Werdum is a more versatile fighter; he is a former champion. But this break does not allow us to hope for his victory. We trust Alexey’s activity more.

  • Our prediction: Alexey Oleinik Will Win.

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