Mannarino confidently began the match against Monfils and in the first set he did not give Gael a chance. But then Adrian began to slow down and lost his chance. Carreno Busta completely managed to lose the last match to Norbert Gombos. Who is going to rehabilitate in front of their fans? – We’ve made a prediction for you.

At what time will Adrian Mannarino vs Pablo Carreno Busta play?
The game time is February 10, 2020, at 12:00 (UTC).

What are the player’s positions in ATP rankings?
Adrian Mannarino takes the 45th position and Pablo Carreno Busta takes the 29th position in ATP Tour Rankings.

How many wins and losses does Adrian Mannarino have?
Adrian Mannarino has won 46.2% of games as a favorite.

How many wins and losses does Pablo Carreno Busta have?
Pablo Carreno Busta has won 52.9% of the games as a favorite.

Adrian Mannarino

At a recent tournament in Montpellier, Adrian did manage to open an account for his own victories this season, however, it is doubtful to consider a win against the Top 100 participant Alexey Popyrin (6-0, 6-7, 6-0) and the subsequent loss be from Gael Monfils (6-4, 1-6, 4-6) a worthy result for this tennis player. It is definitely worth paying more attention to progress in the game of the Frenchman, which was clearly visible even to ordinary viewers at the screens. First of all, the 45th racket of the world noticeably intensified his actions on the court and began to do a much larger amount of work in defense. Mannarino, as before, gravitates to draws on the back line, but now at least from time to time he connects various slices and, under good circumstances, does not miss the opportunity to go to the grid. This can not but rejoice.

Mannarino stands out for his ability to adapt to his opponent. After all, the Frenchman can focus exclusively on counterattacks, that is, run from corner to corner behind the balls, and then at the slightest opportunity to seize the initiative. And maybe already from the first games to act in an attacking manner. But when Adrian tries to quickly finish the rallies, nothing comes of it, because he does not have the power to strike and his opponents easily get his shots, and he risks it.

Pablo Carreno Busta

Carreno-Busta several years ago clearly demonstrated that he is able to compete on all types of courts. But at the moment this is not and past successes can be attributed to courage. After all, the Spaniard did not force himself to act more aggressively on fast pavements, but still, by inertia, he runs off the back line. In addition, Pablo can not boast of a powerful serve, and many opponents are able to easily take the first ball

If Mannarino lost, but still held two fights on the courts of Montpellier, then for Pablo the same tournament ended already in the first round – a sensational defeat from Norbert Gombos (6-3, 4-6, 3-6). This match once again clearly showed the main problem in the Spaniard’s game, namely, a very unstable and ineffective reception. Even the Slovak, who is not particularly strong in serving, managed to win 72% of the goals on his first ball into the game and in parallel made 9 aces.

The 29th racket of the world, of course, dominated the rallies, but this was clearly not enough to win this meeting. Carreno Busta must draw the appropriate conclusions, because even in games with middle ranged athletes, a weak reception puts him in a deliberately losing position, getting out of which each time becomes harder and harder.

Betting Tips Statistics

  • In the fight against Gael Monfils, Mannarino showed the following average statistics: 58% accuracy of the first serve (66% win), 2 aces with 1 double mistake, 42% shot on the second ball into the game.
  • As a result of an unexpected defeat from Norbert Gombos, Carreno-Bust was noted by such statistical indicators: 5 aces with 2 double mistakes, 65% accuracy of the first serve, 75% and 29% of victories in the first and second innings, respectively.


Everything goes to the point that here we will see an extremely equal match in which tennis players will regularly exchange initiative and make breaks at each other’s innings. Mannarino is in top form, but Carreno Busta will also certainly try to return to the victorious path, especially after the fiasco in a recent match with Gombos.

Our prediction is the victory of Pablo Carreno Busta.

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