3D Slots

In recent years, internet gaming technology has developed particularly rapidly. Almost every slot update by a manufacturer is accompanied by innovative discoveries that players can’t help but approve of. The qualitative leap that slot machines have made over the past few years is beyond doubt. It is natural that today the developers of online casino software in a special way to attract the attention of fans of excitement and move players from the status of casual to the number of constant and loyal.

One of the novelties in online casinos is the emergence of 3D slot machines. This 3D boom, which has covered all spheres of life of modern man, now embodied in the creations of the best developers from around the world. 3D-video slots can safely be attributed to the new generation of slot machines, which differ significantly from the classic slots, popular earlier. However, despite the external complexity, 3D-automatic machines are no more complicated than ordinary slots, and in some aspects they even seem more convenient and understandable. Play slot machines 3D can anyone. To start the game, just select the right slot, decide on the amount of bets and run the spins drums.


The palm of the championship in terms of quantity and quality of developed 3D-slots securely held by manufacturers Betsoft Gaming, NetEnt and Microgaming.

Thrilling plot of any slot machine at online casinos takes the player to a real fairy tale, full of surprises and pleasant surprises. In virtual 3D machines interesting story is complemented by elegant graphics, and pleasant background music makes the gameplay even more exciting and addictive. All characters are animated 3D-slots, and in the case of falling out on the drums of winning combinations, slot actors begin to perform a variety of movements.

A significant advantage of 3D slots – new and significantly updated plot lines. Now players are given the opportunity not only to get a significant gain, but also during the game to feel the special atmosphere of the game. Every element of the gameplay in 3D is designed to immerse the player in the game. These slot machines perfectly cope with this task and successfully solve such an important problem of realism of the gameplay.

The developers also created all the necessary conditions for players to plunge into their favorite slots and get a sense of real presence in the gambling establishment. And this is exactly what is missing for many fans of slot machines.


Every decent casino tries to guarantee players an exciting and most realistic atmosphere of the game. In this case, the platform on which the casino operates is crucial. Any reputable institution tries to provide its customers only the best video slots, which are characterized by the highest quality graphics and animation. As a result, gamblers are able to play quality 3D slots, devoid of any technical errors.

Excellent three-dimensional image on the screen of your favorite slot machine – this is what, no doubt, every gambler will enjoy. Machines presented in modern online casinos, created with the use of advanced technology, and the developers’ goal is to create a fast and pleasant gameplay. Advanced 3D-automatic machines allow players to comfortably and quickly navigate through the interface of the game, feeling confident and comfortable.

The clients of the virtual casino have access to numerous games in 3D format, there will be something suitable for every taste. Play slot machines online can players from all over the world, and now, in almost every online casino, if you want, you can do it for free, without registration and sending sms. To play in demo mode you do not need to replenish your account, and sometimes you do not even need to register on the casino site. When choosing a demo version of the player’s account is transferred to a certain amount of virtual credits, which he is entitled to use at his discretion. In case of loss of all credits casino does not oblige the player to continue to play for real money. Further game remains the choice of the player.


Also on our site everyone can absolutely free to get acquainted with the developments of the British company Betsoft Gaming in the form of slots with 3D-graphics, and appreciate all the advantages of such models. It is this slot machine developer who first used 3D technology in slot animation.

If you are not used to throw yourself in the career, the trial version of the game will give you the opportunity to evaluate all the advantages and learn the features of the slot machine, to understand its volatility and decide on the strategy of the game. Experienced players recommend not to abandon the game in demo mode, given that the player does not lose anything.

The next stage – registration for a decent licensed casino to be interesting and fun to spend your free time for a fascinating gambling in 3D slots, in addition, having a good chance to win a decent amount of money.


The advantages of 3D Slots are obvious. Above all, the graphics factor is probably the most important in 3D slot machines. The presentation and visuals are many times better than those of the Video Slots. Currently, 3D slot machines can also be played for free in the arcades. With the special glasses, the 3D slot machine games online can be enjoyed even better, because you feel like a player in the middle of the action. Especially with the new 3D slot machines 2020 the gameplay has been further improved.


All casino games with the best online reviews and crowds of fans, allowing them not to lose popularity despite the fact that new online slots appear in the casino daily, there are a number of common features. It is in them that the secret of success lies. The creators of gaming novelties are trying to combine all these aspects in their creations to attract the attention of players as long as possible, and we are ready to tell you about them so that you can find your best online slot in the casino. 


Many do not pay attention to such aspects of the game as the idea and design, and for nothing, because they are the first impression of the game. Also, the comfort of a close for that other player theme slot machine often determines how much time he wants to spend playing it, and how often will return to this slot.

The best game providers at the current stage of the gambling industry do not stamp the same slots about pyramids, fruits or shiny gems, and approach to create slots creatively. Many 3D slots have a developed idea, which is not just displayed in the title, but also passes a red thread through all the elements of the game – from symbols on the drums to music.

Games of the following providers have a thoughtful plot, idea, and are inspired by unusual or rare themes:

  • Habanero
  • Pragmatic Play
  • Yggdrasil
  • Endorphina
  • Evoplay Entertainment


Hand in hand with the idea and theme goes the graphic component of the slots. If you determine the best 3D slots those that are more often fall into the “Favorites” sections of the online casino players, it is carefully designed games will take first place.

Visual elements of online slots – are game symbols, the drums on which they are located, the design of the background, cartoon characters slots, 3D screensavers main game, bonus rounds, etc. Bright and elaborate graphic elements, combined with the theme of the slot machine – the key to a successful project, which is likely to attract the attention of more players. It is the long popularity of the online gaming machine allows you to call it the best among other 3D slot machines.

Game Properties

Non-game moments – graphics and themes – may not be important for all players, but what features will bring the maximum benefit, everyone is interested, as a beginner and a regular online casino.

Slot machines have long gone from the standard 3 reels and 5 paylines. The best slot machines offer a variety of sets of bonus rounds and additional opportunities to make winning combinations:

  • Wild symbols extending over the entire reel, each one replacing any other symbol in the payline;
  • bonus free drum spins as well as one or more free drum responses;
  • a multi-level game with an increase in the amount of possible winnings on each of them;
  • partial blocking of cells on reels that can be unlocked by the player;
  • additional games such as “guess the door/counter/game card” to increase the sum of possible winnings on each reel many times;
  • unusual playing fields 8×3, 5×5, 10×10;
  • payment by lines not only from left to right, but also from right to left, as well as diagonally, vertically, etc.;
  • number of payment lines from 20, 40, 50 to 243, 888 and 1024.

The developers’ imagination is inexhaustible. New game options and bonuses appear in their arsenal all the time. Some manufacturers of slot machines, claiming to be the best, create entire packages of special features that improve the quality of the game, its mobility, speed and other aspects.

Slot RTP Rate And Volatility

The online slot can offer you winnings of 100, 1000 or even 10000 times the initial bet. It’s tempting, but do you know how much it takes to play to get this kind of winnings?

Return to player (RTP) and slot volatility (dispersion) are responsible for the frequency of winnings and their size. The return percentage shows what percentage of all bets made by the player will return to the player. The higher this percentage is in the game, the more often you can win. A low RTP score means less frequent winnings, but this is usually compensated for by the larger size of the game.

Volatility, like the RTP score, determines the risk of playing in a certain slot. Low volatility allows you to get small winnings, but quite often, and high volatility allows you to get larger winnings, which are less frequent. 


It happens that beloved by many online slot still begins to “bother” and annoying, so the developers create, as if in the series, the second part, prequels and sequels of the game. The presence of several games in the series, as well as restarting old games with modifications of game properties in the vast majority of cases indicate their success. Simply put, several games – a measure of quality.


Since the 3D slot machine games have only been around for a relatively short time, there are not many software developers out there yet that offer these popular 3D slot machines. Nevertheless, a few large companies have decided to tackle this type of games. Many of the newly developed games such as free 3D online slots are available for free trial. This allows the company to receive feedback from customers, which is crucial for the further development of the games.

NetEnt 3D Slots

NetEnt has been developing 3D slot machines for a long time. These convince not only visually, but also in the audio area. The company supplies 3D slots such as Guns’N’Roses, Jack Hammer 2, South Park and Dracula.

Betsoft 3D Games

Betsoft is also busy developing 3D slot games for various online casinos. Meanwhile the company can look at a quite stately offer. Betsoft in general is already a very popular supplier of excellent casino games. Betsoft Gaming’s popular 3D slots include titles like Dr. Jekyll and Mister Hyde, Pinocchio, The Tipsy Tourist and At the Copa.


Almost all online casinos offer their customers different bonuses. With the different bonuses you can play at different casino games without using only your own real money. Gladly such a bonus is used to play at the slots. Of course you can use it not only at the classic slot machines. A cash bonus or free spins can usually also be used at the 3D slot machines.


3D slot machines are becoming more and more popular. The trend is clearly going in this direction. In the following a few of the most popular 3D slot machine games.

  • Dracula
  • Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
  • The Slotfather
  • Aloha!
  • Guns’N’Roses
  • Jack Hammer 2
  • Conclusion

3D technology is finding its way into more and more areas. Whether it is 3D printers or TV sets, which enable the outstanding 3D experience with special glasses – the technology is more and more in demand. 3D games are particularly exciting here. Graphically, these can not only convince at online slot machines. Sometimes the graphics are so good that they are extremely realistic. With 3D games you feel as a player in the middle of the action.


What are 3D slot machines?
Here we are talking about special slot machine games, which promise a gameplay through their graphics, where the player feels as if he is right in the middle of it.

Which slot machines are the most popular?
Some of the most popular Betsoft slot machines include The Slotfather, its successor The Slotfather II, A Night in Paris, Mr Vegas, The Angler and Tycoon. The slot machines are characterized by many trendy in-game features and bonus games. Frequently free spins or internal jackpots are also available.

Can you find the best Betsoft games in any online casino?
Betsoft Online Slots can be played in many online casinos, but not with all providers. The game developer attaches great importance to the seriousness of the online casino to maintain its own good reputation.

Where can I play 3D games?
Most casinos on the net now offer a good selection of different 3D games. The easiest way to find them is to type the term 3D Casinos into Google, for example.