Even though the NBA season does not start until October, bettors and oddsmakers are already anticipating the way the 2019-20 effort will unfold along with the Milwaukee Bucks lead the pack for projected win amounts according to internet sportsbooks.
The Bucks had the best record in the NBA last season and BetOnline has put their OVER/UNDER lineup at 56.5 wins. After right after the Bucks will be the Los Angeles Clippers at 54.5,??Philadelphia 76ers in 54.5, Utah Jazz at 53.5 along with Houston Rockets in 53.5 to round out the top five totals on the oddsboard.
Let’s take a look that I think will surpass or drop below expectations:
I believed they’d win 50 games a year when LeBron James did not get hurt on Christmas Day. They get a comfortable LeBron and add Anthony Davis into the mix? This one feels as a no-brainer to choose the OVER.
The thickness they added to this roster wasn’t the best choices which were available however you can not discount the improvements of DeMarcus Cousins, Danny Green, Jared Dudley and Avery Bradley. Two of the four only got done playing in the NBA Finals and all are above-average defenders with three-point firing capability.
Do I believe they can win the NBA championship? Not likely, but I really do think they are easily able to win 52 to 56 games during the regular season if everyone stays relatively healthy.
Did I miss the memo where the Spurs regressed? Yes, they broke out on free agency and had to settle for??nabbing DeMarre Carroll to get more wing thickness but that is still a well-constructed team and they’re getting their point guard back.
Dejounte Murray has allegedly looked great in offseason rehab from his knee injury and that was the Spurs’ weakness last year when they needed to rely a lot on Derrick White and Bryn Forbes for their lead ball-handler.
San Antonio remains such a tough place for opponents to perform along with last season??the Spurs??had the second-best home record in the Western Conference. They had been the most effective shooting team at the NBA if they led the league in three-point shooting percent despite carrying the fewest??number of attempts.
They also play in a branch with the Grizzlies and Pelicans, who won’t be good next year. I believe they’ll still squeak into the postseason and after winning 48 games in 2018-19, I certainly believe that they can repeat that accomplishment.
Gone are the glory years of the Chicago Bulls in the Jordan and Rose eras and now this franchise is still in a constant state of rebuild even though they keep adding bits every season. The Bulls did not really add anybody of importance outside point guard Coby White in the draft and Thaddeus Young and Tomas Satoransky at no service.
While I like these enhancements, not one of them go the needle defensively and that is where the Bulls were a train wreck . They ranked in the lowest five in the competitor field-goal percentage and three-point percentage and finished tied for the worst home record in the NBA in 9-32 SU in 41 games. I may see them winning 25 to 29 matches but 33??wins for the Bulls??– even in the Eastern Conference — seems absurd.
Here is the Complete list of proposed triumph totals for the 2019-20 NBA period:
All odds courtesy of?? BetOnline

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