Cybersport continues to please its fans with regular tournaments, as no one prevents players from showing their skills from home. We have prepared a forecast for the match 100 Thieves – Swole Patrol. Opponents will play in the group round of ESL Pro League Season 11 on CS: GO.

100 Thieves

For many, the 100 Thieves team seems new. It is, but the players in it are known to all fans of CS:GO. Do you remember the legendary roster of Renegades? Well, meet them under a new tag.

100 Thieves – the Australian team, founded in 2017, which is nothing major so far has not won – the prize money only 87 thousand dollars.

100 Thieves fell to ninth place in the world ranking, and it happened after a not quite successful performance in the tournament in Katowice. Then the Thieves managed to sensationally leave the group, defeating Evil Geniuses (2:1) and Mousesports (2:1), but were defeated by Fnatic 0:2 in the quarter-finals. We would like to emphasize that the best player in the lineup now, judging by statistics, is jks, which has a rating of 1.09.

As you know, before this tournament all the players gathered at a boot camp, so they will play with the same ping, which is important. Even before the start of the tournament, many called 100 Thieves the main favorites in Group C. It’s hard to disagree with this, because now of all six teams hardly anyone shows such a stable CS:GO, and even with such an understanding. So there is almost no doubt that 100 Thieves will start the tournament with a victory.

Before the tournament, the team was considered the group’s main favorite and a contender for victory as a whole. Players show excellent understanding and are strong individually. The team also has a high level of stability. The first match for the team should not be difficult, although we have seen a lot of sensations in this tournament.

Swole Patrol

Swole Patrol is a weak team from the USA, which is an outsider of group C. The team’s last victory was more than a year ago, so everybody understands that in this tournament they have nothing at all.

In general, the team has a stable performance at shooting range 3 and even there does not show proper results. Yes, we can say that the Americans are in good shape, as they have a series of five victories, but they met with opponents ranked 80 and above. By the way, the team plays most often on Nuke and Overpass cards.

Many experts expect Swole Patrol to play as the main supplier of points to other teams at this tournament. The guys have very little experience playing at the highest level, so it will be much harder for them to play than others.

And Swole Patrol has a rather limited set of moms where they feel good. True, some of them will definitely go to the bath, like Nuke or Train. But it is also possible that the five spent all their time preparing for this event and will be able to surprise all their rivals. That could help them, although on an individual level the Americans are losing to other clubs. As you can see, online games are rich in sensational results. In the case of Victoria SP – it will be an unexpected outcome for many.

Still, it should be noted that the team has been preparing hard for this tournament to present a surprise. Already from the first battle will have to fight with an opponent of the top level. The guys just need to gain experience in the company of powerful opponents.

Intersting Facts

  • 100 Thieves has a higher rank in the ranking (ninth step vs. 56).
  • The Australians managed to win in three games out of the last five.
  • Swole Patrol won four of the last five battles.
  • The club from the Green Continent is considered the favourite of the match, according to the bookmakers.

100 Thieves vs Swole Patrol Prediction

In our opinion, 100 Thieves is much stronger than its rival in all aspects. They play at shooting range 1, while Swole Patrol plays exclusively against their opponent 3. In addition, the Thieves played well at the Katowice tournament, so they can perform even better online.

100 Thieves vs Swole Patrol live stream